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Immigration Services in Orlando & Family Petition Visa

Immigration Services in Orlando

As many people know, immigration and naturalization laws are enforced by the U.S. government and they often provide restricting responses to immigration and the legitimate needs of businesses and individuals to employ the best workers regardless of nationality. Your Freedom Immigration team will assist you in meeting their needs efficiently and effectively while striving to minimize the inconvenience, delay, expense and potential burden related to immigration problems. We offer educated and experienced suggestions to help navigate the complex areas of work authorization, immigrant, non-immigrant visa services and Asylum requests.


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Non-Immigrant Visas

There are several types of non-immigrant visas which allow a foreign national to work in the United States. They include H-1B (professionals), L (intracompany transferees), E (treaty traders/investors), F (students with practical training) and J (exchange visitor). We have educated numerous friends and associates in negotiating the complex maze of regulations, policies and operational instructions that must be navigated to obtain these visas. Issues of current concern include the impact of H-1B quota cap restrictions, portability for H-1B workers, acceptable wage surveys, the interplay between practical training for foreign students and H-1B petitions, changing visa procedures at U.S. embassies worldwide, corporate restructurings, layoffs and terminations, and work authorizations for spouses of L and E visa holders.

At Freedom Immigration, your immigration attorney will offer “the truth whole truth and nothing but the truth” to their friends and associates in the inquiry of their situation. Those situations may be:

North American Free Trade visas for Canadians and Mexicans
Free Trade Agreement visas for Chileans and Singaporeans
Tourist visas
Extraordinary ability in science, education, arts, business or athletics visas
Entertainer visas
Foreign media visas
Exchange visitor visas
Foreign medical worker visas
International organization visas
Student visas
International cultural exchange visas
Religious worker visas

Immigrant Visas

Our team possesses extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in obtaining immigrant visas on behalf of friends and associates. Our immigration attorney fully understands the most recent changes in immigration laws regarding portability of labor certifications and immigrant visa petitions, tandem filing of immigrant visa petitions and adjustment of status applications, labor certifications and procedures and processing times for applications in the United States, as well as immigrant visa processing and procedures for U.S. embassies around the world. Our immigration experts will also recommend employers regarding hiring foreign personnel who have pending applications and work authorization issues. Our Orlando immigration attorney* (*available upon request) has extensive experience in all facets of immigrant visas, including:

Labor certifications
Immigrant visa petitions
Multinational executives and managers
Outstanding professors and researchers
Exceptional ability visas
Nurses, doctors, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals
Special immigrants, including religious workers, returning permanent residents and broadcasters/journalists
Employment creation/investor
Employment-related family immigrant visas (spouses/children/brothers/sisters)
Divorce and widows
Victims of domestic violence

Green Card – Permanent Residency

Attaining permanent residency in the United States is a dream of many around the world. The Land of Opportunity offers various ways of getting permanent residency (a green card). The almost popular way of acquiring residency is through a family petition. Or an applicant may seek to acquire permanent residency based on an employment or a business / investor visa. Also it is possible to acquire residency based on one’s extraordinary ability in a qualified field. Moreover, there is a DV (diversity visa) lottery.

Green Card Renewal

In order to renew your green card, you must file an application and several forms with their required fee. If you have been arrested and/or convicted of any crime or have abandoned your residency, then you may be placed in removal proceedings. Therefore, before applying for a renewal of your green card, stop by Freedom Immigration Services in Orlando or Kissimmee and talk to your Immigration attorney.


The Green Card and Travel Guidelines

Certain types of traffic-related convictions may render even a permanent resident alien deportable. Be sure to talk to our analysts before deciding the strategy for your traffic charge.


Green Card Travel Rules

Generally, a permanent resident should not travel outside of the United States for six months or more at a time. Otherwise, upon return, the inspecting officer may conclude that the resident abandoned his or her residence in the U.S.

One way to avoid having the length of your absence considered as abandonment is by applying for a re-entry permit. Since travelling outside of the U.S. may have serious consequences, talk to our Orlando or Kissimmee team first before traveling. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Before giving a green card based on a marriage to a U.S. Citizen or a permanent resident, USCIS confirms that the marriage is bona fide (to establish a married life together, not to get an immigration benefit.) But what happens if there is a divorce during, or after acquiring a green card?

If the alien gets permanent residency within 2 years after the marriage, then USCIS places a temporary condition on the residency. This condition is to be removed by filing a joint petition between 18 to 24 months after acquiring the conditional residency. However, if the alien is divorced and is not able to file a joint petition, then he or she must file a waiver of the joint petition requirement and explain that the marriage was not fraudulent.

ATTENTION: The USCIS has become increasingly strict in examining the bona fides of marriage. If you are facing separation or divorce, then it is crucial to turn to the experience of our immigration services Orlando team about your permanent residency.

Applying for a Green Card through Marriage

As the world draws closer and closer, there are increasing cross-cultural marriages. Americans marrying non-Americans wish to keep their spouses in the U.S. The U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident petitioner must establish to USCIS that the marriage was entered into in good faith; for establishing a married life together, not just to confer an immigration benefit upon the alien.

The government conducts a thorough investigation of all these issues. In addition to doing a biometrics exam (fingerprints and background check), USCIS conducts a thorough interview of the couple under oath, as well as other investigative techniques.

Before applying for a marriage-based visa, be sure to book a free case evaluation with Freedom Inmigration’s Orlando attorney.


Applying for a Green Card through Marriage

Freedom Immigrations reach is long; those friends and associates that have a dire situation of a deportation, removal hearings, waivers, material witness warrants and federal court litigation, no need to panic. We truly believe that we have one of the best and most efficient immigration services in Orlando, here for you and your loved ones.


Immigrants in the United States are able to sponsor family members to immigrate. Immigration and Nationality Act allows for the immigration of foreigners to the United States based on a relationship to a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.
Generally, U.S. citizens or permanent residents file an immigrant visa petition on behalf of a close relative (a parent, spouse, son or daughter). "US citizens can sponsor their parents, brother and sister."
Green card holders can also sponsor their relatives. Green card holders can only petition their husbands and unmarried children; however, they are permitted to petition their parents if they meet the qualifications specified on the form.
Generally, once the petition is approved, your relative may apply to become a lawful permanent resident. If your relative is already in the United States and a visa is available, they may be eligible to get their Green Card by filing Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status