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United States Citizenship

It’s a privilege to be able to have a US citizenship. It can be obtained through birth, derived or through naturalization by the U.S. government.

Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after he or she achieves the requirements established by the law.

Naturalization Requirements:

You have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years.
You have been a permanent resident for 3 years or more and meet all eligibility requirements to file as a spouse of a U.S. citizen.
You are at least 18 years old.
You must be a permanent resident.
You must be able to read, write, speak and understand English.
You must know the history and government of the United States.
You have qualifying service in the U.S. armed forces
You have resided continuously in the U.S. for a minimum time required by law (exceptions may apply).
You were physically present in the U.S. for a minimum time required by law (exceptions may apply).
You are of good moral character (exceptions may apply).
You must pledge your allegiance to the U.S. and the constitution (exceptions may apply). Once citizenship is attained you will be able to use exercise many of the benefits that you did not have as a green card holder. At Freedom Immigration, we provide services to you to help you successfully pass this important phase of your life. In addition your child, in many occasions may also derive citizenship, and you may also be able to petition for other family members in your native country. You will have many benefits that are only entitled to those that are called U.S. citizens.

If you qualify, you may become a U.S. citizen either at birth or after birth.

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To become a U.S. citizen at birth, you essentially need to:

Have been born in the United States or certain territories or outlying possessions of the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States


Had a parent or parents who were citizens at the time of your birth (if you were born overseas) and meet other requirements

To become a citizen after birth, you must qualify and need to:

Apply for “derived” or “acquired” citizenship through parents
Apply for naturalization
Citizenship Naturalization Services

The Naturalization Test

The vast majority of clients seeking naturalization are obligated to take an exam on:

The English language
S. history and government (civics)

We will help you prepare and “ace” your exam. For further information, come by and visit us at Freedom Immigration.

Citizenship for Military Members and Dependents

Soldiers and veterans of the U.S. armed forces and their dependents may be authorized for special naturalization requirements. For further information, come by and visit us at Freedom Immigration.

The Importance of Citizenship

The rich and deep history of the United States is based on welcoming immigrants from all parts of the world. America’s principles value the contributions of immigrants who have enriched and continue to enhance this country and preserve its legacy as a land of freedom and opportunity.

Deciding to become a U.S. citizen is one of the most significant and vital choices in your life and the life of all your family members. If you choose to become a U.S. citizen, you will be displaying your pledge, vow and commitment to the United States and your loyalty to its U.S. Constitution. In return, you are rewarded with all the rights and privileges that are part of U.S. citizenship; in the home front and abroad.

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