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Tips for a Student Based Immigration Interview

The entire immigration process is nerve wrecking and extremely stressful. However, if you have an immigration attorney in Kissimmee by your side, you will be able to pass your interview with flying colors. Immigration or visa interviews are often conducted by USCIS officers that ask personal questions to ensure that the purpose of visit is genuine and not a scam.

How can an Immigration Attorney in Kissimmee Help You?

Immigration lawyers have extensive experience, which they have gained by working with several clients. They are well aware of the policies of the USCIS and can help students prepare for their interviews. Your immigration attorney in Kissimmee will help you prepare for the following questions:
  • Your study plans in the U.S.
  • The universities that you applied for.
  • Why did you choose a particular university?
  • What are the subjects of your interest?
  • Your academic achievements and capabilities.
  • How much can you afford?
  • Your plans after completing graduation.
  • Why did you choose USA?
  • What will be your major subject or your field of specialization?
  • Do you want to be employed in the U.S.?
  • Do you plan to continue your education after completing bachelors?
  • Why aren’t you studying in your home country?
  • Do you have any relatives or family in the U.S.?
  • Were you rejected from any universities?
  • What are your test scores?
  • Can you speak fluent English?
The officers will ask many other questions like these as well, until they are absolutely sure that your purpose of visit is to study in the U.S. No country discourages students because it helps them build their industry and economy. If you are a hard working and scoring student, the USCIS will have no problem handing over you the visa. If you are specializing in a field of science or arts, you are more likely to get approved.

Financial Status Matters

The key to getting a student visa to the U.S. is your financial status. This is the most important to get your F-1 visa. If you do not have enough money to finance your studies, your visa application will be denied. However, if you have a stable financial status, the USCIS will have no issues granting you your F-1 visa. An immigration attorney in Kissimmee will guide you through every step of the F-1 visa process and interview.

Be Prepared for a Harsh Interview

Immigration and visa interviews are never easy, especially the ones for the U.S., where immigration policies are extremely strict. The USCIS officers that conduct interviews are required to assume that every applicant is going to permanently settle in the U.S. That’s the reason they conduct strict interrogation and ask all kinds of questions to ensure that the purpose of visit is purely educational. During the interview, the officers might ask inappropriate questions which you should be prepared to answer. This means that you have to be very confident throughout the interview and should be able to answer all the questions with proof. If you need more information about our Kissimmee immigration services, please contact us at 888-635-6409. Our goal at Freedom Immigration is to provide honest immigration services. Our Orlando immigration services have its main offices in Kissimmee, FL. Our services are provided nationwide, but mainly in the Central Florida market to areas like Orlando, South Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Poinciana, Clermont, Davenport, Hunters Creek, Lake Nona, Celebration, Winter Park, Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Apopka, Belle Isle, Edgewood, and Oakland FL. Our immigration analyst specialize in visas, asylum, citizenship, green cards, deportations, waivers, paroles, tax id, naturalization, immigration interview, and citizenship test. (Freedom Immigration is NOT a law firm. Immigration attorney services are provided by third party provider.)

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