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How to Hire an Orlando Deportation Lawyer

Choosing a deportation lawyer can be a challenging task. It is a complicated process. You need someone who is proactive and skillful yet considerate of your situation. The process requires time, due diligence and attention to detail. Think of it as a collaboration that involves continuous communication and cooperation between the two parties involved. Your lawyer will not only perform services for you but become your advocate in dealing with a government bureaucracy.

You need to learn what separates a good lawyer from an average one. We have covered all the important tips for you that will assist you hire the best Orlando deportation lawyer. Take a look.

  1. Get a Trusted Referral

Start your search by enquiring from your network of family, friends and acquaintances to find people who have dealt with the deportation lawyers. Word-of-mouth is seen as a great means of choosing a deportation lawyer. There is a chance that someone from your network has hired a deportation lawyer to acquire a green card residency visa or for some other related task.

Even if they haven’t been through the process themselves, they might be able to find a connection with someone who did. The biggest advantage of using this tip is being able to get a firsthand account of the experience your trusted referral had when working with a deportation lawyer.

2.) Always Meet the Selected Candidate

After you have been referred to a good lawyer, the next step is to schedule an appointment. The meeting with the lawyer is essential to analyze the strategies and the plan of action the lawyer offers you.

A good deportation lawyer should be having great online reviews on Google, Yelp etc. A lawyer with a good reputation has a list of satisfied former clients that happily recommend the firm’s services. If it is possible, try to have a word with the formal clients for an up close account of their experience with the firm.

3.) Look Them Up on AILA

Your deportation lawyer represents your case to the government. You need to make sure to find the best legal representative for your case. It is crucial to carry out your research from all the aspects. This includes, searching for lawyers on American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). AILA is a national association of lawyers and attorneys who teach and practice immigration law. This means they have a strong hold on immigration laws and policies needed to deal your situation.

If you are new to the research, you can begin with searching lawyers in your area and look for them if they are the members of AILA. Although, membership in AILA is not a mandatory requirement to practice as a deportation lawyer, it can be a good indication of a lawyer’s commitment and skill set.

4.) Compare the Price

While searching for a lawyer, make sure to compare prices and make a decision based on your budget. Some lawyers charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee. Make sure to enquire about additional costs like postage, courier fee and so on.

But, it doesn’t mean that you blindly choose a deportation lawyer in Orlando based on pricing. There are a lot of sub-par deportation lawyers that offer you with their services in reduced pricing as compared to their competitors. It could be possible that they are handling too many cases at a time and you don’t get a proper team dedicated to provide quality and personalized services to your case. There is also a chance that they might not have the proper experience in the more complex areas of their field of work.

Invest your time in researching for reputed lawyers and don’t hesitate to spend a few extra dollars. Those extra bucks are worth to reduce the hassle later.

5.) Legal Practice Certifications

People looking for qualified deportation lawyer should make sure that the candidate is qualified in the practice of the United States Immigration Law. You need to be sure that the lawyer you are consulting is certified by the State Bar association. A little knowledge can be dangerous in this regard so be aware of the imposters and save your hundreds of dollars from going down the drain.

6.) Immigration Specialty Practice

There are many law firms that practice in a wide range of law disciplines. It is advisable to choose a lawyer that specializes in deportation matters which increases your chances of success. They are likely to remain updated on the current happenings and changes that are made in the law and policies.

A dedicated deportation lawyer should have years of experience working with the law enforcement individuals and judges in the area. Familiarity and trust are important factors when communicating circumstances of your case.

7.) Proximity

Don’t underestimate the advantage of choosing a deportation lawyer who’s located nearby. There may be situations where the lawyer is required to respond quickly or show up in person. For instances, in those cases where a family member is put in jail and the lawyer doesn’t show up, it could result in that person spending the night behind bars!

In addition to this, you may have the need to visit your lawyer frequently for updates and to provide important written documentations. So it is best to choose a deportation lawyer near your vicinity.

8.) Hire a Lawyer that Speaks Your Language

It is very important to hire a lawyer that understands and speaks your language fluently. Any barriers in communication can be detrimental to your case.  Your lawyer should be able to communicate in your language to be able to completely understand your situation. It ensures that you and your lawyers are aware of the complicated legal jargons.

9.) Interview Your Short-listed Lawyers

After you have shortlisted your potential lawyers, be sure to interview them. Prepare a list of questions that you want to ask them. Make sure to enquire about their experience with your type of case. You need a lawyer who is familiar with all the ins and outs of the deportation law. Moreover, the interview gives you a close idea about the work style as well as the communication skills of the lawyer.

10.) Free First-time Consultation

Search for lawyers that offer a free first-time consultation to discuss your case. This meeting can be beneficial to both you and your lawyer. You can analyze the lawyer’s stance on your case and how they will address your situation.

Meeting with a number of lawyers is helpful choose the one that seems the most capable and sincere.If you continue to keep meeting lawyers that charge first-time consultation fee, you will eventually bu7rn a hole in your wallet even before the proceedings begins! So be sure to find lawyers that care for your time and hard-earned money.

11.) Build a Relationship with Your Lawyer

It is critical that you build a healthy relationship with your deportation lawyer and their firm. Both the parties should feel comfortable with each other. Don’t rush and take your time to discuss your situation with patience.

Steer clear of

  • Lawyers Who Approach You at Immigration Offices

A few lawyers are found prowling the hallways of immigration offices in an attempt to solicit business. This is considered highly unethical by the legal bar. You need to be mindful of the fact that any deportation lawyer that is too busy practicing and working for their clients will not have the time to wander around at the office like that.

  • ‘Notaries’, ‘Petition Preparer’ and the likes

Make sure you are dealing with lawyers that are actual practitioners and are trusted to handle your situation. Unfortunately, many non-lawyers claim to be capable of assisting people who are in serious need for help. In the worst-case scenarios, these imposters may take your money and run. They might also fill out forms in wrong ways that can be dangerous for you.

  • Lawyers That Give Unethical Advice

Be careful of any deportation lawyer who suggests you to do something illegal. This could include lying in your application, bribing the authorities or buying a fake green card from them. When such cases are caught you are likely to get into much more trouble than before. It makes you potentially ineligible for your future proceedings.

  • Lawyers That Make Unrealistic Promises

Not even the best lawyer can guarantee success. The outcome of your case is ultimately dependent on the verdict of the judge. Any lawyer claiming that they have a 100% success rate shouldn’t be trusted.

Don’t Forget These Things

  1. Hire a lawyer that practices in a multi-lawyer firm. The advantage of this is that your lawyer will have an immediate pool of additional resources. So different experts can work as a team to allow your lawyer to tackle the various issues while handling your case.
  2. Choose a lawyer that exclusively specializes to deal your case. Many firms that have a wide range of lawyers for various fields do not have the knowledge of handling petitions and standard cases.  Make sure to hire a lawyer with expertise for your case.
  3. When you finally find a lawyer you feel comfortable with, make sure to find out if the lawyer is licensed and in good standing or if they have ever been subject to disciplinary action. Don’t sign the contract before checking the credentials.
  4. A deportation lawyer should be well-known and well-respected in the community. If your lawyer enjoys good relations as well as a good rep within the professional community, it will help with the proceedings of your case.

What to Expect from Your Deportation Lawyer?

In the first meeting with your lawyer, pay attention to their demeanor with you. The lawyer and the firm should feel welcoming yet professional. Their code of conduct is one of the biggest determining factors of how sincere they are to their job. The lawyer should be well-read and have enough information to answer your queries and concerns. The consultation should begin shortly after you complete all the necessary paperwork.

Moreover, the culture of the company and relations among the employees are crucial factors in establishing a healthy work environment. It is a matter of fact that firms that work as a team generate the most successful results.

Make sure that your lawyer answers your questions regarding each step of the process. Even if they rely on paralegals to help manage your case, they are the ones ultimately responsible and accountable to you.

Filing for a petition to live in the United States can be a complicated process. Make sure to have the right people fighting for you. Follow the above mentioned tips to hire the best Orlando deportation lawyer to reach your goal easily.

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