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New Immigration Rules Helps Cubans Get Green Cards Faster

New Immigration Rules For Cubans

The U.S. Department of Immigration announced that it is implementing new rules that will make the process for cubans to get their Green Cards easier and faster. The immigration attorney from Freedom Immigration provides information about this immigration news.

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New Immigration Rules


The US Immigration Department has made several changes that will make the immigration process for Cubans a lot easier. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video.

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This week the US Department of Immigration announced several changes that they’re making two to their policies in order to make the immigration process a lot easier for our Cuban brothers. To talk about this subject, we’re going to bring in our immigration attorney, Mr. Robert Montalvo.

Carlos H: Robert, how are you?

Robert M: I’m good. Carlos, how are you?

Carlos H: Good. So, Robert, you told me that this week, immigration department in the US made several changes in order to make life a lot easier for people from Cuba to basically do an immigration process. So, what’s the news? 

Robert M: Well, to start off with, let’s talk about what the Cuban Adjustment Act is. The Cuban Adjustment Act is the way for most Cubans to get their green cards in the USA. The main requirements are you have to be from Cuba, you have to be a native or citizen of Cuba. You were inspected and admitted or paroled into the United States. Being admitted means you came in with a visa, you were allowed into the country. Being paroled is a way that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department planned security allows a person into the US without having a valid visa, they parole them into the country. Then after being admitted or paroled, if you’re physically present in the US for more than a year, like everybody says, “the year and the day”, then you can apply your form I-45 to adjust and get the status of legal permanent resident. Also, you must be present in the US when you file your form.

So, most Cubans when they come in through the border, they’re given a parole if they didn’t have a valid visa, then they wait a year and a day and they can adjust and get their green cards. The problem is, around 2017 immigration stopped giving Cuban’s parole, and most of them were allowed into the country under what’s called a I-220A, which is an order of release on recognizance, which means immigration would let them into the country, but wouldn’t grant them the parole that they needed to get their green card.

Now USCIS has decided that all the people who arrived at a correct port of entry and are categorized as arriving aliens, which means you came into the country through the port, you didn’t cross into the country and then be captured by immigration. So, as long as you came in through the port correctly and were given either an order of release under cognizance, or were given a bond after being in detention, you still qualify for the Cuban Adjustment Act. 

Carlos H: So, it makes it a lot easier for them?

Robert M: Yes, because for many years since 2017, a lot of Cubans haven’t been able to adjust because they weren’t given the specific document that’s needed for the parole, and now they can. 

Carlos H: So, what’s the process, then, for Cubans that want to come in? What’s the process now, the new process? 

Robert M: Well, the process is still really the same. You still have to file your I-485 to adjust to the status of your green card. The only difference is now you don’t have to present the I-94 parole that they used to be given to Cubans. Now all you have to prove is that you came in at the port of entry and you were categorized as an arriving alien. 

Carlos H: So how could a Cuban start this process? 

Robert M: Well, the first thing you can do is you can call from aggression. We can give you a consultation, we can explain the entire process and if you want, we can help you with it. Just call us at 407-910-4770. 

Carlos H: Perfect. That’s good. So now you know, if you are a Cuban or you know someone from Cuba that wants to start their immigration process, now the US is making it easier for them to start and do some immigration process here in the US.

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Thank you for watching this video. If you have received value out of this information like it and share it with someone that can take advantage of this information. Thank you for watching. 

God bless. Bye bye.

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