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L1 Visa Immigration Attorney In Orlando, FL

Applying for work visa, especially for US, is a time consuming task. There are various visa types and the applying candidates must choose the appropriate category for which they are eligible. L1 visa is issued for those companies that want to transfer their employees from office in another country to the United States. The approval of visa takes varying time depending upon the way in which the case was presented. Finding reliable L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can help in this regard.

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L1 Visa:

L1 visa is issued by embassy of the United States in different countries. The eligibility of candidate is determined by the status of company as well the person’s position in that organization. Whether the company already has established offices in USA or wants to open a new branch, both conditions are acceptable. For this purpose, it is necessary that the person applying holds top managerial position and takes active role in decision making. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can help with applying process.

L1 visa is not limited to a few specific countries. Instead all businesses and service providers from every country can apply as long as they meet the requirements set by visa authorities. L1 is a common type of visa obtained on a wide range. Moreover, after successful candidates have settled in US, their spouse and children can apply for L2 visa type. However, children above 21 years of age are not allowed to do so. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can be contacted to further discuss the matter.

Employee Eligibility:

There are certain factors that are checked before issuing visa to any employee. The company that wants to transfer its employee must verify that the candidate has been a part of company for at least a year during past three years. Moreover, the position of the person should be of managerial nature in any field. They should possess specialized knowledge in specific area of study.

The employee should have engaged with projects as an executive. They should have supervised a team of other employees and handled progress of project. They should have experience in making policies and rules for the betterment of the company. They must be involved with decision making process and should not face the need of getting detailed instructions from higher level officers to carry out assigned tasks. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can help with this.

The employee can be a manager in company with responsibility of running the whole company or its specific departments, projects or subsidiaries. Moreover, they must have handled any major tasks in the company and supervised other employees for efficient resource management. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can review the case.

Human resource managers are eligible to apply if they had the authorization to make decisions about new hiring. They could evaluate the performance of current employees and take necessary actions, such as firing them, if their performance was not up to the mark. They should have authority over certain daily activities of junior employees.

A manager becomes eligible for Intra-company Transferee visa only when the employees working under them were experienced professionals. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can demonstrate the scope of these rules.

Another key factor is the specialization of employee in particular field. This field must be of importance in international market with increasing scope of growth. They must have immense knowledge and experience in releasing company products, research, gathering resources, industry equipment, techniques, management or other categories with which company is dealing. Moreover, they should be well-versed in procedures and policies followed by the company.

Those employees who have successfully gained an L-1 visa are authorized to stay in the United States for multiple years. Initially the expiry date of visa is less than a year. Managers and Executive position holders can extend their stay for up to 7 years. Those possessing specialized knowledge in particular areas can stay for 5 years in US. However, the policies can change after promotion of the employee. If business is complying with government policies, visa can be extended by applying with the authorities.

Company Eligibility:

The company’s US office must have close collaboration with head office in native country. During the stay of L-1 visa holder employee in US, the office in country of its base should stay active and continue business dealings. If original office in foreign country is shut down due to any reason, visa will automatically expire and the person must leave the country within allowed time period.

Companies applying for L1 visa immigration can be dealing in various types of products or services. Import-export business is most common while other fields are also acceptable. The company neither needs to be a formal corporation business nor belong to a country with which USA has already signed treaties. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can be asked about further specifications.

The office of company in foreign country must be the parent, whereas US office should be its subsidiary. It can be a branch, subsidiary or affiliate of international head office. Moreover, all offices must be managed by same group of people and they must own approximately equal amount of shares in the company. There are no restrictions applied on the number of individuals governing company operations.

Applying for L1 Visa:

L1 visa is considered to be one of the most complex types that require detailed understanding in order to submit an application. Majority of these applications get rejected simply because candidates fail to understand its procedure. Therefore, it is recommended to hire services of reliable immigration lawyers. They are well-aware of laws and can present your case in a strong manner.

Furthermore, the services of professional lawyers can also be acquired if you are already in US on L1 visa and want to extend it. At such times, lawyers present within USA can help you out. They know about laws of the country and can help you with visa extension process quite efficiently. Finding right service can save you from many issues and L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can help if you are in Florida State.

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Proper research should be performed before choosing any law firm. Make sure that the selected law firm has proved experience of dealing with L1 visa cases and their fees are not extra ordinarily high. These firms can help you with multiple matters through the services of L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL.

There are multiple law firms that provide services of certified immigration attorneys. Multiple attorneys are associated with a single firm, but this is not a necessity. Some consultants are providing services as individuals. They can be considered too while making decision about the right choice for selecting L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL.

Although there are many lawyers and law firms based in Orlando Florida, but not all of them deal with immigration matters. Almost 8% of total lawyers in Florida hold specialization in immigration and are considered experts in the area. They know about the ways in which immigration authorities handle their matters and can guide their clients accordingly.

The services of L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can be acquired from within US or from foreign countries. They can assist companies who wish to transfer their top employees to US based office. There is no need to physically visit their office for getting appropriate details. Their contact information is available on websites through which you can contact them. Most attorneys share Email address and telephone numbers that enable people from other regions to contact them with ease.

L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL are not only qualified professionals but are also capable of handling such cases with ultimate precision and efficiency. It may take time for you to provide them with complete set of required documents. But once they are explained the details of the case, they usually start working at the earliest. Moreover, they ensure that the case is not mishandled and clients get satisfied with their services.

L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL are able to represent eligible companies in front of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (or USCIS). They assist in obtaining permission for clients to enter US in legal way for business purpose. The duration of visa is dependent on the strength of case as well as the structure of company that wants to spread its business in US with the help of its trusted and skilled employees.

L1 visa is known as temporary visa. Therefore, the employees of international companies staying in the US on L1 are commonly called non-immigrants. They must assure USCIS that they do not have any intentions of extending their stay in the US through illegal means. However, L1 visa holders are facilitated with the term that they can apply for green card to settle here permanently and become a citizen. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can help with immigration as well.

Required Documents:

Application for visa is accompanied by relevant documents that verify the authenticity of provided information. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can explain and help you arrange for required documents. Following documents are required to strengthen your case for L1 immigration:

  • Documents containing proof of employment history at company on managerial, executive or specialized knowledge based job must be presented. The employment must be in a foreign country and signature of an authorized petitioner must be present on accompanying letter. Job title, responsibilities of employee, salary, educational qualification, skills, number of supervised employees, managerial level and expected duration of stay in the US must also be provided. However, if these documents are not accepted due to any reason, then other documents asked for must be provided at the earliest to avoid unnecessary delay.
  • Relevant documents must be provided which are capable of depicting the relationship between the main office present in foreign country and its subsidiary in the US. The nature of such documents can vary depending upon the nature of situation, such as:
  1. The owner, CEO, attorney, president, chairman or other higher authority must present documents showing ownership of the company. Along with this document, certain other things must also be provided including latest financial annual report, exchange security commission documents or other similar documents that verify that US office is a subsidiary of foreign company.
  2. Smaller companies need to provide documents of employee history along with documents containing financial standing of the company. Annual tax returns, stock records, bank statements containing transactions, trial balance sheet, minutes or reports of board meetings and other files must be submitted. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can guide about document submission.
  3. If company does not already hold a branch in the United States and is looking forward to establish a new subsidiary, then the required documents may vary. The proof of control and administration must be provided to explain about decision makers of company. Financial documentation is also required to determine whether the company will be able to sustain in US market or not. Moreover, tax returns, minutes of board meetings, financial records, company rulebook and other similar documents should also be kept ready in case if they are required.

Involved Costs:

Once all the required documents are ready, you can apply for visa. But another crucial step is to collect amount required to pay all involved costs. Petition for L1 visa type is submitted along with a fee of $325. $500 is charged extra to stay away from fraud parties. A few companies also need to pay additional fee of $4500 before filing for L1-A or L1-B applications. This fee is applicable only when companies hire more than 50% of non-immigrants in the US.

Visa Processing:

The time and cost for processing of each visa type varies. There are two types of processing offered by authorities; Regular and Premium.

· Regular Visa Processing

The processing of L1 visa in regular mode takes between 3 to 5 months. If L1 Blanket petition was chosen while applying for visa, then the time of processing usually reduces in time by a few weeks.

· Premium Visa Processing

Premium service ensures that the time required for processing of visa is reduced considerably. The processing of L1 takes up to 15 days after submission of petition. The results can be varied depending on the business. Possible results include notice of approval, intent to deny, a Request for Evidence, notice of denial and notice for misinterpretation of information or fraud.

Premium visa processing needs two forms to be filled up by petitioner. I-907 is the form for premium processing, while I-129 represents non-immigrant employee. Electronic funds transfer, debit card, credit card, online money transfer or bank check can be used to pay fee of $1225 which applies only for premium processing.

Key Benefits:

L-1 visa offers various benefits to employees holding permission to stay in the US. But there are certain limitations too and employees must comply with them to follow local laws. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can help you understand the rules.

  • New office employees get one year of initial visa, while employees being transferred to already present offices get up to three years. Once its validity is about to be expired, the nearest immigration office can be contacted for extension. It is extended for two years at a time until the limit of 7 years is reached.
  • L-1 is a multiple visa type. Therefore visa holders can move in and out of US whenever needed. L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL can explain about travelling conditions.
  • During the stay in US on L1 visa, employees can work only for those companies through which they had applied.
  • Either they can work full time in the company or as a part time employee.
  • L-2 visa is available for spouses and children of those employees having L1 visa.
  • With the issuance of L2 visa, the spouses of employees also get permission to work within US.
  • L1 visa holders can apply for green card after they have fulfilled its requirements.

Why Choose L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL?

L1 visa immigration attorney in Orlando, FL are already based in one of the most prominent states of the United States. They are well-aware of local laws. Moreover, their specialization in immigration matters proves that they are capable of successfully handling such cases. Immigration attorneys having professional approach and previous experience can help companies get the right visa for employees they want to transfer to US for further growth of business.

If you need help getting an L1 visa, please call us at 407-818-1242, or email us at [email protected].