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Who is an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers in Orlando are experienced and skilled attorneys. They help their clients get through the immigration process seamlessly. Immigration attorneys assist you with all types of immigration services in Orlando. They ensure that your application has the best chances of getting accepted.

What are Some of the Immigration Services in Orlando?

Various immigrants require different types of services from immigration attorneys. There are multiple services for the immigration attorneys to handle, be it becoming a citizen or obtaining a visa, an immigration lawyer can help you with any type of service. They practice their immigration services in Orlando in several diverse areas which are listed below:

  • Asylum
  • Deportation/Removal
  • Naturalization and citizenship
  • Immigrant Visas (employment based: green cards, family based, special immigrant category)
  • Non-immigrant Visas (Visistors visas, treaty traders (E1), E2, E3, student visa, fiancé visa, professional workers, exchange visitor, NAFTA)
  • Immigration appeals
  • Immigration fraud
  • Deferred action and dream act
  • Custom seizures
  • Waivers

Not all immigration lawyers are skilled and well-versed to offer great immigration services in Orlando. You must seek out for an attorney who is challenging and promising to complete your case successfully.

Immigration Services in Orlando

Immigration attorneys offer several kinds of immigration services in Orlando. Some of them are explained below:

·       Asylum

This kind of immigration service in Orlando offers refugees in obtaining a secure shelter for their protection. There are certain prescribed factors on the basis of which refugees become eligible for asylum. The attorneys ensure to present their case in court and provide them security.

·       Immigration Appeals

This type of immigration service in Orlando serves the purpose of a rejected appeal. The attorneys ensure your appeal to be heard and approved by the court. Your future at stake can be secured by the attorneys in this kind of immigration service.

·       Visas

You will require this type of immigration service in Orlando when applying for a visa with respect to your requirement. The attorneys can assist you in getting several types of visas, including business visa, student visa, investor visas, healthcare professionals, and also visa renewals.

·       Green Cards

This type of immigration service in Orlando aids in acquiring a green card. Individuals who wish to stay in the US would require a green card. There are certain conditions they should possess to obtain a green card.

·       Deportation/Removal

When a non-resident’s sanctuary is denied by the State, then an attorney is required in this regard. Attorneys present their application in the best way possible and get it approved by the court for their safe shelter.

·       Naturalization and Citizenship

This immigration service in Orlando helps you in enjoying the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in the US. For this purpose, you must hold the basic requirements for acquiring the US naturalization.

·       Immigration Fraud

There are certain dishonest individuals who get involved in frauds for financial gains. Immigration attorneys can assist them in avoiding such illegal scams.

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