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Starting a new life in another country is always a tough choice. However, places like “The City Beautiful” truly inspire people to start the American Dream. Permanently moving to Orlando, FL can be accomplished using the various statuses available in the United States Immigration Law. You can count on the immigration services in Orlando to help you with the relevant documentation in an ideal manner.

In this article, we will explain all the important elements in relation to your immigration requirements. We start by briefly describing Orlando, as an amazing place for new immigrations. We then discuss the current US Immigration Law in detail. Consequently, we focus on the benefits of hiring professional immigration services in Orlando to help you land the permanent residency in the country.

Orlando – An Amazing Destination

Orlando is one of the top destinations in the Sunshine State of Florida. It is a beautiful city that attracts millions of visitors each year. It has a strong tourism industry, backed by top attractions like Disney World. The city is also great for business conventions, and therefore, attracts many professional events as well. If you are connected to the tourism industry or a stout business professional, Orlando, FL is certainly an excellent city to move to.

The last three decades has seen a rapid rise in the popularity of Florida as an attractive destination for both the tourists and the immigrations. You should seek the help of immigration services in Orlando to work out the possibilities of making the City Beautiful your home on a permanent basis. With the best shopping and municipal facilities, this will certainly be one of the best choices that you ever make in your life.

The Attraction

Orlando is certainly the ideal attraction for immigrants. It has several suburban areas which are great for living. Since it is an inland city, you also do not face the hustle and bustle associated with a town full of beaches. It is certainly a city where you feel comfortable. You can make an excellent living here because of the amazing business and employment opportunities and ensure that you can make it big in the United States.

These attractions mean that people from all over the world like Orlando, when they visit or hear about it. Good immigration services in Orlando can help you secure your future in America and live in an engaging city. With the right professional help, the required steps for immigration become easier. In fact, you can quickly move towards naturalization and become an American Citizen in an accelerated manner.

US Immigration Law

The United States Immigration Law is complex and difficult to comprehend. It contains many conditions, situations and regulations that mean that you should always seek professional immigration services in Orlando, when attempting to make a permanent move to the US. Currently, the regulations are maintained and defined by the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA). Around 675,000 people are welcomed every year in the United States as a limit.

They are termed as Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) and can work in the United States just like normal US citizens. They can also live in the country, even without a job. The country also offers refugee immigration to specific individuals. There are several principles that the INA follows in order to decide the immigration status. Here are the basic premises for a successful immigration case:

  • You need protection as a refugee or an asylee, who is persecuted in their original place of residence.
  • Your family members are already living in the United States. You want to reunite the family and live together with people who you love and care for.
  • You have the desirable skills that are valuable and required in the US economy. The set of skills and professions keep changing from time to time, according to the economic demands.
  • You bring a diversification element to the US society, where having you as an LPR will help the local community grow and achieve better integration with the management of diverse community members.

Here is a strong discussion of these important immigration categories:

Asylee and Refugee Immigration

One of the many available categories for immigration services in Orlando is for people who are facing life threatening conditions. They also include people who are already present in the US but face persecution or extraordinary conditions, if they go back to their homeland due to unfortunate circumstances.

You can apply as a refugee when you have lost the ability to return to your home country, because of an acceptable level of evidence that shows the chances of persecution due to race, political affiliation or nationality. Refugees can apply from any country, where they are currently present, especially if they belong to a social or communal group which requires special concern from the country as designated by the Congress and the President on a yearly basis.

The allowed number of refugees are determined each year. This number fell after the events of September 11, 2001, but is now once again on the rise. With detailed security checks already in place to ensure that all refugees and asylees entering the country have been increased for security threats to the country. The concept of asylum applies to individuals that are already present in the US and want to achieve the status of an LPR for continuous living.

The grounds for asylum remain the same as for the refugees and therefore, they are handled within the same immigration regulations. Asylees can apply for a permanent status at the time of entering the country, or apply within a year of their stay. Asylum is different from refuge because the number of asylees are not fixed by the government in any year. Obtaining immigration services in Orlando gives you an ideal chance to examine your case and go with the right way of applying for an immigration.

Family Immigration

The most common type of immigration in the US is family-based immigration, which accounts for almost two-thirds of all new LPRS each year. Unifying with your family members is certainly an important element and the US immigration law has regulations that show an understanding of this concept. There are several ways in which this immigration may apply to you. Although immigration services in Orlando can help you better, we discuss some important categories to apply as a family member. The immediate relatives that can directly apply include:

  • Minor children of US citizens that are under 21 years of age and not married.
  • The spouses of US citizens may also apply as immediate relatives.
  • The parents of adult (over 21) US citizens are also included.

After the above close relatives, there is also a family preference system that you can use for applying for LPR in America. You can take the help of immigration services in Orlando, if you believe that you may be eligible in the preference scheme which includes:

  • Adult children of American citizens.
  • Brothers and sisters of American citizens.
  • Unmarried children and spouses of LPR status holders.

The Congress defines a complex system to ensure that family relationships cannot be used to abuse the immigration policy. The available number each year starts with the figure of 480,000 then the figures for the previous year’s immediate family visas and the paroled aliens are subtracted from the previous year values. If employment immigrants did not fill up to the quota in the previous year, their remaining number is added to the family preference scheme.

Remember, the related US citizen must petition for the relative when performing immigration. Immigration services in Orlando can help you with the process, allowing people to easily sponsor their relatives and understand how they need to show their support to their family for a successful immigration application.

Employment Immigration

Employment-based immigration is available in the United States for skilled professionals. They can get temporary residence as well as permanent residence based on their particular employment status and the available opportunities. You can get the help of immigration services in Orlando to find the right opportunities that allow you to make a permanent move to the country as a skilled individual.

Temporary employment visas are available in the country for workers who have employers that have petitioned for them. There are over 20 categories for such visas and therefore, it is best to take professional help when handling temporary employment situations. Some of these visas also allow you to bring your dependents with you as well.

Another type of employment visas are the permanent visas. They are awarded to a maximum total of 140,000 professionals and their dependents. There are five different categories of permanent skilled professional visas. Employment preference immigrants make up around 15% of the new LPRs in the country each year.

Diversity Visa

There is another form of visa, which is available by the Immigration Act of 1990, which describes the Diversity Visa Lottery. It is a special act that allows immigrations from low-rate countries to move to the United States. Each year, around 50,000 people immigrate to the US using this scheme. Immigration services in Orlando can help you find out whether you can be eligible for diversity lottery visa. If you belong to a country with very low immigration rates, you may have the best chance to secure a Green Card in this manner.

You must have received high school education and have at least two years of working experience in a profession in which you are applying. You can also enter your immediate family like spouse and children as dependents. The choice is made by a random computer for these visas, with the selections spread to the six different geographic zones, with each zone receiving an allocation according to their previous rates of immigration.

Benefits of Professional Services

Immigration services in Orlando can certainly offer several benefits to people who want to achieve the LPR status in the country. These services are often offered by competent lawyers who understand the immigration law and have years of experience helping people legally move to the US. Here are the top advantages:

Relevant Experience

Immigration service providers usually have experienced professionals employed in their offices. They have already helped all types of professionals to permanently move to Orlando. The ideal help is possible to you as well, when you contact a firm that already has an excellent success record, in terms of helping people move to the US on LPRs.

Procedural Excellence

Immigration services in Orlando can also help you with their procedural excellence. They are aware of the various methods and forms that must be followed and filled for placing an ideal application. This way, they help their clients in getting work permits, achieving permanent residency or attempting to obtain the US Citizenship.

They have expert lawyers who can help you along the way. There is always the chance of missing a vital procedure when you go through the process on your own. You can improve your chances by finding immigration experts and allowing them to help you achieve the ideal immigration results.

No Mistakes

Another advantage of hiring experienced immigration services in Orlando is to avoid the mistakes that you might make because of the lack of knowledge about the immigration laws. Correct paperwork is important, as it allows you to ensure that you have maximum chances of a successful immigration. Immigration service providers offer convenient solutions, where they may review your application and remove the mistakes that may otherwise cost you the opportunity to permanently live in the beautiful city of Orlando.


The most important advantage of hiring immigration services in Orlando is the knowledge that you can gain from the service providers. These services are often delivered by experienced immigration lawyers who understand the various legal implications and provide you information about them in a simple and concise manner.

If you want to obtain immigration services in Orlando or guide others to do the same, we believe that you must look for a firm that offers you these advantages. We believe that Orlando is certainly an excellent place for immigration, providing you the best opportunities to grow in your career and personal life.