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Immigration Marriage Visa vs Fiancé Visa - Which One Is Better?

Many individuals think that US immigration only has one option for a visa via marriage. The realty is that immigration in USA offers several spouse visa options. In this video an immigration lawyer discusses the differences of the immigration marriage visa vs the fiancé visa. You will see that the immigration attorney offers valuable insights to help you decide if the immigration spouse visa or the fiancé visa is a best option for your immigration case.

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Marriage Visa vs Fiance Visa


Did you know that US immigration has a marriage visa and a fiancé visa? Many people think they are the same, but they are two different US immigration visas. That’s what we are going to talk about in this video.

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Now, many people know that they have several marriage visas and immigration options for US immigration, but many don’t know that the marriage visa and the fiancé visa are two different immigration programs. To talk more about this, we are going to bring our immigration attorney Mr. Robert

Carlos H: Robert, how are you?

Robert M: I’m good Carlos, how are you?

Carlos H: Robert is our immigration attorney here at Freedom Immigration. So, Robert, we know a lot of people try to come to the US via an immigration visa concerning marriage. There’s a marriage visa and there’s a fiancé visa, there are both different programs. So, what’s the main difference between marriage visa and the fiancé visa for US immigration?

Robert M: Well, the main difference is where you’d get married, because for a marriage visa you’d have to be married before you apply, in that case you get married in a foreign country and then you apply for your spouse to come into the US. A fiancé visa, you actually petition them as a fiancé, not as a spouse yet. Also, a difference is only US citizens can apply for a fiancé, while legal permanent residents and US citizens can both apply for spouses via marriage visa. 

Carlos H: So, basically one of the differences is where do you want to marry?

Robert M: Yeah. You decide, if you want to marry in the US, then your option is a fiancé visa, but if you are okay getting married in a foreign country, maybe you want to have the wedding around your spouse’s family, in that case the you just get married outside the US and apply for the marriage visa.

Carlos H: Okay. Obviously one of the things that make a difference is where do you want to live, right?

Robert M: Correct, because if you want to live in the US, then the fiancé visa is a good option, especially if the resident or the US citizen is living in the US, then you want to apply for the fiancé visa, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time outside. Meanwhile, in a marriage visa if you want to live outside, then you can just get married outside and then take your time and apply for the marriage visa, if you’re not in a hurry to come to the US.

Carlos H: And one of the things that people need to consider is, how long are they willing to be separated, right?

Robert M: Yes. Because in most cases the marriage visa takes more time to process and get the person into the US; versus the fiancé visa, because it has a lot more vetting because you’re actually giving the person a green card. In the fiancé visa they are coming to the US to then be able to get married and then apply for the green card. So, if you are worried about being separated, the fiancé visa is a faster option, but if you are more that you want the person to get the green card faster, then you apply for a marriage visa. 

Carlos H: Is there a difference in cost of a marriage visa and for the cost of a fiancé visa?

Robert M: Yes, the marriage visa is going to be cheaper because all the costs related to the embassy are more or less the same between the marriage and the fiancé visa. The difference is, after the fiancé comes into the US, then they have to apply for the green card and pay all the immigration fees related to the green card. Meanwhile, the marriage visa, they go through all the embassy’s fees and then when you get to the US, they’re already a legal permanent resident. 

Carlos H: Then, what’s the difference between these visas for the permission or the ability to work?

Robert M: Well, if you apply for the marriage visa, the person comes in as a legal permanent resident, which means they’re automatically authorized to work. The fiancé visa, the person comes in and has 90 days to get married, the sooner you get married, the sooner you are going to start your process. Once you file for the green card, now because of covid it’s taking between 4-6 months to be able to get your work permit after you apply. So, with the marriage visas you’d also be able to work immediately, versus the fiancé visa where you’d have to wait until you get married, get your process going on and get your work permit.

Carlos H: Okay. If people don’t know which is a better option for them, the marriage visa or the fiancé visa, what other considerations people need to know to make a choice, which one is better for me?

Robert M: Well, you’d also have to take into consideration if either party has children, especially if it’s the foreign national’s children and they intend to immigrate with them, there will be additional immigration processing fees there. Another fact may be if the person is working, because if you are employed and you do a fiancé visa, you’d have to leave your country, stop working until you are able to get your work permit in the US. Meanwhile, a marriage visa, if you get petitioned, you can basically still work in your work country until your process is approved and you’re able to come in as a green card holder and continue to work, maybe education, if you own property and want to sell it. There are many other considerations each particular case can have. 

Carlos H: So, in conclusion, Robert. Which one of these visas is better? Is the immigration marriage visa better or the fiancé visa better for immigration?

Robert M: Well, if you are only a legal permanent resident, your only option is the marriage visa. If you’re a US citizen, then you have to weigh your options, you have to see what’s better for you. Again, if your spouse just wants to get into the US faster, then the fiancé visa is a better option, but if you overall want to finish the process faster, then do the marriage visa, because you’d came in as a green card holder.

Carlos H: So, now you know, that’s the difference between the marriage visa and the fiancé visa for US immigration. 

Robert, if people want to start any type of immigration process, what do they have to do?

Robert M: Call Freedom Immigration at 407-910-4770.

Carlos H: Perfect. Now, take advantage of this consultation. Thank you for watching this video, if you have received valuable information in this video, like and share it with other individuals that can take advantage of this information. Remember that here at freedom group we provide tax accounting, immigration, insurance, real estate and financial planning services, so we can help you in many, many, ways. 

Thank you for watching this video. God bless you.