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Immigration Lawyer in Hunters Creek

As immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL we know that immigration has always been a huge component of American life. From workers and students to investors, the country has always welcomed productive individuals and their families with open arms. However, there are many cases where the immigration process is quite cumbersome for people and they get their immigration applications rejected. This is not the states’ fault because they have their reasons that they are following. Most often, applications get rejected because people make some common mistakes that ruin their chances of starting a new life in the country.

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Many people are immigrating to Florida and other surrounding states for better opportunities in terms of schooling, career, and starting a business. If you don’t want to make any mistakes, it is much better to hire an immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL to start your case. Doing so will also make your case stronger as there will be zero chances of any mistakes.

The legal requirements for filing immigration papers can be quite cumbersome and exhaustive coupled with many clauses which seem complex. If you are planning to move to Hunter’s Creek and start a new life then you better avoid these common mistakes by getting an immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL.

Sending Incomplete Paperwork

Many times, applicants send incomplete paperwork, which results in their case being rejected. The immigration staff doesn’t have time to contact each applicant to inform them about their documents unless it is a very special case and usually reject them thinking that the applicant is hiding something. With so many forms and supporting documents, anyone can get confused. This is a common mistake because since each case is different, one is required to bring in the documents accordingly.

If you are applying then you must get a checklist and see if you have completed all the requirements. On the other hand, if you hire an immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL to file your case, you won’t face this issue as he/she will make sure that you send in all the paperwork and documents required to file properly.

In case, you end up sending incomplete paperwork, if you are lucky, your application may be delayed, if not denied, but that too is a grueling process because waiting can take a lot of your time. If you don’t know the reason your application isn’t being processed, it can even take up to a few years for an answer. With a seasoned immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL, you will save yourself from being rejected or have a delayed response and have a Green Card well in time.

Sending In the Wrong Payment for the Filing Fee

Almost every form that you have to submit for immigration to the government requires some payment. The government will not even start to process your immigration case if you haven’t paid the due fees while submitting the form. The Department of Homeland Security is to be paid the filing fee and they change the fee structure periodically so you also have to be updated on that. Your application will be rejected if you don’t pay the right fee for your application.

Your immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL will always be up-to-date on the different fees and will tell you how much to pay so that you don’t have to face any rejection. Sending in checks for a lower or even higher fee will be rejected. A higher fee will seem like you are trying to bribe the government to accept your immigration and you don’t want to risk that. Therefore, always make sure that every form’s fee is correctly and duly paid well within the time period.

Sending In Non-translated Documents

Many people that immigrate to the United States are coming from countries where English is not the primary or official language. If you hail from such a country then chances are your documents such as school/college certificates, marriage certificates, employment letters, etc. need to be translated into English.

The government isn’t responsible to have your documents translated and if they get documents that they don’t understand, they will reject your application. All the documents, including the supporting evidence, must be correctly translated for the immigration officers to read and understand. There are many language translation services that you can opt for and your immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL can also help you get in touch with them.

All the documents that need to be translated should be accompanied by a certificate or letter mentioning the person who translated it and notifying that the person is competent and skilled in English enough to correctly translate it. Many people just give their documents to friends or family members that know some English and have them do it but it would be better if you get it done from a professional service.

Forgetting To Sign the Application

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when filing their application. Forgetting to sign an application makes it void as it shows that the person didn’t apply, instead, someone else made the application on their behalf. Even if the entire application and case is strong enough to be accepted, if one has not signed it, then the application will be rejected.

Your immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL will go through your application and make sure that you have signed in all the required places and not risk yourself from getting denied a Green Card.

In addition to your signature, there are other important signatures that need to be made. If they are incorrect or not done then that also makes the application void. Your sponsor, beneficiary, etc. all need to make their signatures in the appropriate places.

Missing Your Renewal Date

A lot of people have this misconception that as long as their application is in progress they don’t have to renew their immigrant status. Each immigration file has an expiration date and if your case hasn’t been approved by then, then you must renew it.

Advance parole documents expire in one year whereas re-entry permits are valid for two years.  A Green Card gets expired in ten years and it must be renewed at least 6 months prior to avoid having your immigration status revoked. Your immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL will let you know if you have anything to renew as all your details will be with them on record.

Not Knowing or Mentioning Your Criminal History

This is a very crucial aspect when applying for immigration to the United States or in fact any other country. You need to be completely transparent as to what crimes you have committed or have been involved in. Not mentioning the truth can seriously put you at risk for being rejected as the Department of Homeland Security can find out about it sooner or later.

Immigration applications are quite strict because they want to do a complete background check to inquire who is entering their country. If you don’t remember if you have committed any crime or your name in criminal records, then you better get an immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL so that he/she can do a background check first and let you know. You can then mention it in the application so that you are not questioned about it or rejected on that basis.

Accidentally Giving False Information

Human error is always possible even with the most careful of people. You can forget to mention something important or give some false information which may be used against you and have your immigration application rejected. When filling out an immigration form, tell your immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL to check any detail they might think is dubious so that you can cross cheek at your end as well. This will save time and it will also ensure complete transparency form your end.

Falling For a Scam

There are many scam artists claiming to be immigration lawyers that fool innocent applicants and take their money. You must be aware of such activities and only contact the legit immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL and not some fake attorney trying to lure people for their money. People lose anywhere from $500-5000 due to such scams. Steer clear from online websites that promise immigration. You must do your research and see reviews of people before trusting any lawyer.

Here are some signs that your immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL is the right one for you:


A seasoned immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL is just what you need to get your application processed. The more the experience, the better it is because that lawyer will have worked on different cases. You need to get proper representation from someone that has witnessed thousands of cases and has the ability and skills to make your immigration application stronger for the government. Trusting your application with someone fresh out of law school can be a bit risky and immigration is something you can’t take any chances on.

Gives a Free Consultation

Any good immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL will always offer a free first consultation to their clients. This is standard practice and if you encounter anyone charging you a fee for your first consultation then ditch them as soon as possible. These types of lawyers are only there to make money and are not really invested in helping their clients.

They Have Been Referred

If someone you trust has referred you to an immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL then rest assured you will be in good hands. Friends and family members know your situation the best and if they have already been through the immigration process by hiring that lawyer, chances are your case will be a success too.  You will get an honest and unbiased reference from someone and you won’t have to waste time looking for an immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL.

They are 100% Committed to Immigration Law

Although there are lawyers that deal with all different sorts of cases, some are specifically dedicated to practicing immigration law or handling immigrant cases. Try to opt for an immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL that specializes in this field so that you get the best representation. This will ensure that your lawyer will have the best knowledge and resources to turn your immigrant status into a citizen in no time.


The last thing you would want is to have your immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL to be unreachable. You need to be updated regularly regarding your status, therefore, your lawyer must always be a call or email away if you want to reach out. A delayed or no response from their end is a red flag.

In short, you can avoid common mistake while filing for immigration by hiring a good immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL and get your Green Card in no time!

it is much better to hire an immigration lawyer in Hunters Creek, FL to start your case. Doing so will also make your case stronger as there will be zero chances of any mistakes.

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