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Immigration Lawyer for an Investment Visa in Orlando Florida

If you are looking to immigrate to the US, then it would be worthwhile to find an immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL. There are various options that are available for immigration to the US, but the investment option is a nearly ironclad way of getting a green card.

Let us take a quick look at a few of the more popular visa programs that have been created for the express purpose of attracting investors to the US.

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  • The EB 5 Investment Plan

This is a very simple plan. In order to be considered eligible, all you have to do is to invest a certain amount in any government-approved EB 5 regional center. You will have to deposit $500,000 for a minimum time period of half a decade.

Once you have fulfilled this basic requirement, you will be able to obtain a conditional permanent legal residency (PLR) certificate within 18 months of the deposit date. This document will also entitle you and your immediate nuclear family (spouse, common-law partner and unmarried dependent children under 21 years of age) to legally enter and also work in the U.S.

In fact, once you find a great immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL to file your application and see it through, you will be able to live, work, and even study just about anywhere in the US. Furthermore, you won’t have to contend with education, age, and English language requirements.

However, it is pertinent to note here that the $500,000 outlay is going to be a purely passive investment. By this, it is meant that your funds will end up being invested in someone else’s industrial or commercial projects.

It can be any sort of financially viable capital intensive business venture. This can include the construction of a series of residence complexes, a hotel, motel or even an office tower. An important requirement of the investor visa program is that it is imperative that your funds should only be utilized to work in the U.S. economy. That is to generate jobs for at least ten Americans. These could be neutralized citizens, green card holders or born Americans. Moreover, the project should give jobs to these 10 Americans for a period lasting no less than two years.

Only after, this specific requirement has been met would you be allowed to proceed with filing for permanent legal resident status. Once the stipulated five-year period (starting from the date of entry in America) has been completed, all of your funds will be returned to you.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone and all you have to do is find an immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL. However, take into consideration the fact that your funds will be invested in a commercial enterprise. Therefore, there is a certain element of the financial risk involved – in case the company goes bankrupt or if the funds are misappropriated. However, the whole EB 5 program has now been in place for over twenty years or so and in the past few decades, it can lay claim to an excellent track record. Especially in terms of ROI (returns on investment) for the immigrating investors who have placed their life’s saving in this program.

  • The EB 5: A Direct Investment Program with a Purpose

The EB 5 ‘direct investment’ program differs in many respects with the EB 5 regional center (RC) immigrant investment plan. The former typically involves more hands-on and direct involvement in the commercial enterprise. The latter plan, on the other hand, is a purely passive investment plan.

Keep in mind that you must invest at least one million dollars in any business that you establish. At the same time, you will also have to employ a minimum of ten people for two years. Also, these individuals cannot be illegal immigrants. They must be either permanent legal residents and/or citizens in their own right. 

If you are in a position to fulfill all of these conditions, then yes it will be worth your while to look for an immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL and go for the EB 5 Direct Investment program. Otherwise, it will be a futile exercise, at least as far as the EB 5 investment visa is concerned.

As a general rule, the processing of your visa application might take one and a half years. However, you will be considered eligible for a green card only when you are in a position to demonstrate that you are in full compliance of the visa’ requirements that include providing two-year employment to at least ten or more American workers while simultaneously maintaining your minimum $1 million investment in an Americana business enterprise.

There are certain issues associated with the direct investment EB 5 investment visa program. Such as the fact that you are entitled to substantial relief, provided you are willing to invest in a traditionally ‘high unemployment area’. It can be described as an area where the unemployment ratio is far higher than the overall mean national unemployment rate in the US.

In this case, the funding requirements are slashed by 50 percent. In other words, you will need to invest only $500,000 U.S. This means that you can actually become an American citizen by simply investing $5M. If you already know someone who is willing to combine his expertise with you here, then you may open your own hotel or restaurant chain.

It is advisable to hire an immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL. They will inform you all about such details so you can make well-informed decisions. 

The core purpose of the whole EB 5 program is to aid and encourage direct foreign investments and its resultant economic growth. However, this immigrant investor visa plan is not the only means of securing a permanent resident status in the U.S. There are several other programs that a person desirous of immigrating to the US can apply in order to become a neutralized American citizen. These include L1 and E2 treaty visas.

The above visa and immigrant programs discussed above have been created by the federal government of the US in order to attract high worth investors and investments alike. In fact, these investment visas actively work to create a symbiotic relationship between the American economy, the US government and high net worth immigrants. This way both the investors and the society in which they decide to settle, will easily be able to enjoy all the fruits of their massive investments.

Basically, the main purpose of the entire EB 5 program is to actively aid and also encourage direct foreign investments (DFI) and the resultant economic growth. However, as your immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL will tell you, the “EB 5 immigrant investor visa plan” is not applicable to everyone including highly skilled individuals. This is because it is based on wealth rather than the expertise that the applicant brings with him.

The Role of the Regional Center in Investment Visa Policies

If you plan on investing via an RC (regional center) then you will get to pick and choose your investments. Here, you can do the needful either through your individual capacity or you can work through your own “greater investor pool.” The latter can be accomplished courtesy your area of residence’s own regional center.

All such centers are always approved by the US federal government. Their core purpose is to act as third-party intermediaries that will act as a go-between with the foreign investment bringing immigrants and connect them with those business developers who require funds on an immediate basis. These centers perform these services for a stipulated commission that they will take from all the parties involved in the transaction.

It is pertinent to note that while these centers have been approved by the American government, they are nonetheless private parties and profit-making business enterprises. While the USCIS does oversee their work, they are not answerable to government oversight. But the American government can and does control who enters US borders. If the Department of Homeland Security feels that a person may be a threat to American interests, he will not be allowed to enter US territory, regardless of his financial position.

Currently, there exist almost 1000 regional centers in the US. All of them have been approved and vetted by the USCIS. This is a tribute to their work in bringing funds and big businesses together. In fact, almost all EB 5 visas are granted through the sponsorship of these RCs. You should ask your immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL to help you get in touch with your nearest RC.

  • The Role of the  EB 5 Visa Holder 

The EB 5 investment visa is one of the best possible means of obtaining US citizenship, provided that you have the financial means to afford it. You don’t need to be highly skilled, have exceptional educational qualifications or even heaps of professional experience to get this visa.

Once you have this visa in hand, you can easily bring your immediate relatives with you to the ‘promised land.’  These include those who are dependent on you – unmarried minor children as well as your spouse. All of them will be immediately placed on the fast track for a green card.

In a nutshell, if you can bring the desired funds and can employ 10 Americans for 2 years, you are good to become an American, yourself.

  • How Does It Work?

Once your application has been vetted and approved, you and your immediate family will be given conditional residency permits that will be valid for a period of 24 months. However, it is absolutely imperative that you give hard evidence that will document in detail the fact that you have met all of the terms and conditions of the EB 5 visa.

Furthermore, you have to do this ‘before’ the expiry of the visa (at least three months before the expiry of your 2-year residency permit). You will need the services of a really good immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL who will collect, compile, and submit all the documentary evidence on your behalf. 

  • Different Types of Projects that Actively Utilize EB 5 Investments

Many commercial and residential real estate projects require massive cash injections to get off the ground. This is the part where the EB 5 investor visa program comes into the picture.   

The main reason behind the popularity of the construction sector for high net worth immigrants is centered around the dual nature of this industry. First and foremost, it is a labor-intensive sector and many jobs are created both directly and indirectly through construction work. Secondly, once the work is completed, the newly constructed hotels, factories, restaurants, and motels have been passed on to the service and hospitality industries. This, in turn, creates more employment, thereby boosting overall economic growth quite substantially.

  • Conclusion

In the light of the above, it can safely be stated that hiring an immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL is the best possible step you can take if you want to start a new life in the U.S. This way, you will easily acquire the best of both worlds – the safety and security that America offers along with the means of enjoying tremendous financial growth. 

As an added bonus, you will also be able to help in curtailing runaway unemployment statistics in your newly adopted country. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with an immigration lawyer for an investment visa in Orlando, FL as soon as possible!

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