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Immigration K-1 Fiance Visa - 7 Most Common Questions

In this video an immigration attorney answers the most common questions regarding the K-1 Fiance Visa. The immigration lawyer provides details on how the K-1 visa works.

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1. What is K1 Visa?

a. The K1 visa (also called the fiancé visa) is a special visa which allows the fiancé of a U.S. citizen to enter the United States, marry their U.S. citizen fiancé, and adjust status in the United States to get their green card.

2. What are the Benefits of the K1 Visa?

a. You can get married in the US.
b. You can adjust Status in the US.
c. Can obtain an employment authorization document (once married you should, not practical under K1 only lasts 90 days)
d. Children can be included and travel with you
e. Avoid filing I-130

3. What are the Requirements of a K1 Visa?

a. Petitioner must be US Citizen.
b. All prior Marriages must be terminated
c. Must intend to marry within 90 days
d. Must have met at least once in the 2 years before filing.
i. Cultural exception (Arranged Marriages)
ii. Extreme Hardship (political conditions, medical issues)

4. What is the process?

a. Satisfy the Requirements
b. US Citizen files I-129f
c. Files DS 160 with NVC
d. K1 Visa Interview
e. Enter US
f. Marriage
g. File AOS
h. Interview

5. What are the processing times for the K1 Visa?

a. 6-8 Months for I-129f.
b. All depends on the embassy

6. What are the K1 Visa Fees?

a. I-129f-$535
b. DS 160-$265
c. I-485-$1225.
d. Medical Examination-Varys.

7. What type of questions do they ask for K1 Visa Interview?

a. Background questions about Beneficiary
b. Questions to see how well they know petitioner
c. Questions about relationship

K-1 Fiance Visa


Hello from Freedom Group. In this video we’re going to discuss the 7 most common questions on the K-1 fiancé visa and stay till the end because we’re going to talk about the type of questions that immigration asks you in the K-1 fiancé visa interview.

To talk about this, we’re going to bring our immigration attorney Robert

Carlos H: Robert, how are you?

Robert M: I’m good Carlos, how are you?

Carlos H: Robert is our immigration attorney here at Freedom Immigration. So, Robert, if people follow our channel, they know that recently we did a video comparing the marriage visa to the fiancé visa. Well, we are going to talk about the 7 most common questions people have concerning the fiancé K-1 visa.

What is the K-1 visa?

Robert M: The K-1 visa is also known as the fiancé visa, it’s a special visa which allows the fiancé of a U.S. citizen to enter the US, marry their fiancé and adjust status in the US to get their green card.

Carlos H: What are the benefits of the fiancé K-1 visa?

Robert M: Well, the principal one is that you can get married in the US, after that you can adjust status here. You can also obtain an employment authorization document, although technically you can obtain one when you come in as a K-1 fiancé, I don’t recommend it because it work permits usually take a long time to get and that one only valid for 90 days from when you came in, so a lot of times when you file for the work permit, you’re not going to get in time. But once you get married and you file the adjustment of status, you can also obtain your work permit there, which is the most practical one. Your children can also travel with you abroad and be included in the petition, you can also avoid filing the traditional I-130 when you’re petitioning your spouse after you file out the I-129F, you can then continue to the I-485.

Carlos H: Perfect. So, what are the requirements for the fiancé K-1 visa?

Robert M: The principle one is that the petitioner must be a U.S. citizen; US residents can petition their spouses, but only US citizens petition a fiancé. You must have the intention to get married. You also must be free to marry, which means that any previous marriage on either party must have been already terminated. You must have met at least once in the two years before filing; there are certain exceptions to this which are like, extreme hardship because of political conditions in the country or medical issues, and they are also cultural exemptions when the culture of the country will not allow you to see your spouse before you get married.

Carlos H: So, what is the process for the fiancé K-1 visa?

Robert M: You must start by satisfying the requirements; be a US citizen petitioner, be free to may, everything already we spoke about. US citizens must file the I-129F form. After that is approved, he has to file the DS-160 so they get the interview with the national visa center. The beneficiary must then go and have their interview. After that they enter the US. Once they’re in the US they get married and file for adjustment of status with the form I-485. And then they have their interview, and after that’s approved, they can get their green card.

Carlos H: Alright. What are the processing times for the fiancé K-1 visa?

Robert M: Around six to eight months for the I-129F, then it all depends on the embassy and the availability they have for the visa interview.

Carlos H: And then what are the fiancé K-1 visa fees? How much does it cost?

Robert M: The principal one is $535 for the I-129F. You have to pay $265 for them to apply for the visa. Once they’re in the US, the I-485 is $1225. They also have to get a medical examination that varies among the doctors.

Carlos H: So, it’s more or less like 2 grand that it takes.

Robert M: Probably a little more, yeah.

Carlos H: Without the examination fees, basically.

Robert M: Yeah.

Carlos H: Alright. Now, the question that everybody asks here at Freedom Immigration is, what are the questions or what type of questions does immigration ask in the K-1 fiancé visa interview?

Robert M: There are three main types of questions:

First one is background questions about the beneficiary, that’s the foreign fiancé. They’re going to ask you where you are from. Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? Where have you worked? They are going to ask about your family; that’s like the first category, just to verify that everything matches up with what you put in the form.

They are also going to ask questions about how well you know the petitioner. They are going to ask questions like, where he was born, about his family, about where he’s worked, just to see if you know your fiancé.

And then the other questions are about the relationship. They’re going to ask where you met, how long have you known each other, what have you guys have done together, like the classic one I’ve heard is like, does he have any tattoos? they’re going to ask how many siblings they have

It’s all going to be questions relating to those three categories: Background questions about the beneficiary; questions about how well they know the petitioner; and questions about the relationship.

Carlos H: Very good. So, if someone wants to start a fiancé K-1 visa, what do they have to do?

Robert M: Call Freedom Immigration at 407-910-4770.

Carlos H: Perfect. So, remember that here at Freedom group we provide tax accounting, immigration, real estate, insurance, and financial planning services, so we can help you in many ways. Also, I’m going to put a link to the website for Freedom Immigration in the description of this video.

Thank you for watching and God bless you.