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Immigration EB-2 Visa Green Card for Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Ability (Doctors & Engineers)

In this video the immigration attorney for Freedom Immigration talks about the details of the US Immigration EB-2 Visa. The EB-2 green card visa is a very popular option for individuals with advanced education degrees or have an exceptional ability.

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This video is intended for education purposes and should not be taken as legal or tax advice. You should consult with your financial professionals about your unique financial situation before acting on anything discussed in these videos. Freedomtax Accounting and Multiservices Inc. and Freedom Immigration International Inc. are providing educational content to help small business owners become more aware of certain issues and topics, but we cannot give blanket advice to a broad audience. Freedomtax Accounting and Multiservices Inc., Freedom Immigration International Inc., nor its members cannot be held liable for any use or misuse of this content.

1. What is the EB2 Visa?
a. The EB2 visa is a green card option available to those with exceptional ability or advanced degrees. There are three categories under EB2. The EB2-A category is for those who hold advanced degrees. The EB2-B category is for those with exceptional ability. The EB2-C category is for people for whom their permanent residence it is in the national interest of the United States.
b. Approximately 40,000 EB2 visas will be given each year.
2. What are the Benefits of an EB2 Visa?
a. Legal Permanent Residency.
b. Spouse and unmarried children can accompany you.
3. What are the Requirements of an EB2 Visa?
a. EB2A-Advanced degree
i. Advanced Degree or equivalent in experience
ii. Valid Job Offer in the field where you have the advanced degree
iii. PERM Labor Certification
b. EB2B-Exceptional ability
i. Demonstrate exceptional ability
ii. Valid Job Offer in the field where you have the exceptional ability.
iii. PERM Labor Certification
c. EB2C-National Interest
i. Demonstrate that your Legal Permanent Residence is in the national interest of the USA
4. What documents are needed to apply for an EB2 Visa?
a. Copy of passports, Resumes, Evidence of extraordinary abilities(awards, publications), Letters of recommendation, Employment contract, explanation of specific work you will be doing in the US.
5. What are the Fees for an EB2 Visa?
a. USCIS Fees About-$2200
b. Premium Processing-$1140
c. Plus Attorneys Fees
6. What are the processing times for an EB2 Visa?
a. PERM Labor Certification 6 months
b. Wait for Priority Date-Varies by country- Mostly Current except India and China.
c. Total should take about 18 months to several years.

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Immigration EB-2 Visa


Carlos: If you are a foreigner with an advanced degree, there is a very good option for any immigration in the United States to get a green card. That is the EB-2 visa. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video. Hello from Freedom Group. We are a group of four companies where we do tax accounting, immigration, real estate insurance and financial planning. And in this video, we’re going to give more details about the EB-2 visa. And to do that, I’m going to bring our immigration attorney, Robert. How are you, Robert?   

Robert: I’m good. Carlos. How are you?   

Carlos: Good. Robert is our immigration attorney here at Freedom Immigration. So, Robert, what is the EB-2 visa?   

Robert: Well, the EB-2 visa is an employment-based visa where you can obtain a green card which is available for those people with exceptional abilities or advanced degrees. Okay, there are actually three categories under the EB-2 visa, which is EB-2 a for people who hold advanced degrees, EB-2 B, for people with exceptional abilities, and then a specific EB-2 c category. That is when it is in the national interest of the United States that this person receives their green card.  

Carlos: Okay. And approximately how many EB-2s? Does the United States Immigration Department give every year?   

Robert: They grant approximately 40,000 visas every year?   

Carlos: Okay, so it’s limited? It’s very limited then.  

Robert: Yes.   

Carlos: Okay. And then what are the benefits of the EB-2 visa?   

Robert: Well, first off, you get legal permanent residency, you get to get a green card in the United States, which can eventually lead you to citizenship, and also your spouse and unmarried children can accompany you and also get green cards.   

Carlos: Okay? And what are their requirements to get the EB two visa?   

Robert: Well, the EB-2 would be an advanced degree you need or have equivalent experience, you would need like a postgraduate degree or five years of experience in that field, you have to have a valid job offer. So, we have to be petitioned by an employer, specifically in the area where you have the advanced degree, and your employer would have to get a labor certification from the US Department of Labor to prove that there’s nobody in the United States that can fill that job. Exceptional ability, you have to obviously demonstrate your exceptional ability, having the same valid job offer in the field where you have the exceptional ability and get the same labor certification. Now for the national interest waiver, it can be self-petitioned, but you specifically, which is the hard part, have to prove that it is in the national interest of the United States, you will be granted your green card.   

Carlos: Okay. And then what documentation is required to apply for an EB two visa.   

Robert: It’s a lot of documents, but basically a passport copy of your resume, evidence of your extraordinary ability as an award for your publications, obviously, evidence of your education, letters of recommendation, the employment contract, and then explain to others specifically what it is you would be doing in the US.   

Carlos: Okay? And what are the fees for the EB-2 visa?   

Robert: The USC fee to be approximately $2200. That’s what you have to pay the government. There is premium processing in the USCIS available at about $1140. And then plus attorney’s fees depending on who you hire to do the work.   

Carlos: Okay. And how much time does the EB two visa process take?  

Robert: Well, the labor certification by itself will take approximately six months, then once your priority date is reached, once the petition is approved, it would depend on what country you’re from. Most countries the dates are current, but there’s specific backlogs for India and China. So, the total time could take between 18 months to several years if you are from one of those two countries.  

Carlos: Okay. So, in conclusion, would you recommend the EB two visa? And who would this be good for?   

Robert: It would be good for specifically doctors, engineers, people with advanced degrees. And it’s sad for the people from India and China. But if you were from a different country as those two then you would be able to get this in approximately 18 months, which would be very good timing.  

Carlos: So why would it not be a good option for let’s say a doctor or an engineer from China or India?   

Robert: Because they’d have to wait approximately between seven to 10 years from when they could actually come into the country.  

Carlos: Okay, because they have a backlog for those countries.   

Robert: USCIS has been saying that they’re gonna try to work to eliminate those backlogs, but so far, nothing really has happened.  

Carlos: Okay, good. So now you know those are the six most common questions regarding the EB-2 visa. So, Robert, if someone wants to get an EB-2 visa, what do they have to do?   

Robert: Just call Freedom Immigration at 407-910-4770  

Carlos: You can also visit Freedom Immigrations website, it is I’m also going to put a link to the Freedom Immigration website on the description of this video. I hope you have received good information in this video. If you have, please like it and share it with other business owners. Also remember that we are part of the Freedom Group. We are four companies. And the advantage of working with Freedom Group is that you do not only get the immigration law part of a consultation, we can help you in tax forming a business, real estate insurance, financial planning. So, we’re like a one stop shop for foreigners for foreigners to come to the US. Okay. Thank you for watching. God bless you. Bye.  

Robert: God bless.