The federal US government has come up with multiple categories of visas for people who want to immigrate to the US and also have the requisite funds to set up their own business there. Let us check out how you can go about acquiring an immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida. If you need help with any immigration needs, please call us at 407-910-4770, or email us at

The E 5 Visa Immigrant Program

The E 5 visa route is one of the easiest ways of acquiring your permanent legal resident status. For an immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida, there are no specific educational qualifications or English language requirements. Furthermore, you don’t even need a sponsor in the US. All you have to do is invest one million dollars in the US economy and provide employment to 10 Americans. Once that happens, you will be put on the fast track towards acquiring that coveted green card that you might actually get within 18 months. Furthermore, you will also get your original investment back after a period of five years. Additionally, you can even bring in your spouse or common law partner as well as your dependent unmarried children under the age of 21.

A great aspect of the E 5 immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida, is that the million-dollar cravat is highly flexible. If you were to invest your money to establish a business in an economically impoverished area or a rural locality where the population is low, then the investment amount can go as low as five hundred thousand dollars of refundable funds. However, you should be able to prove that you have actually invested the amount and have gainfully employed the required number of personnel; otherwise, your immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida, might be in danger of being revoked. However, as a direct investor, it is very important that you handle your own investment in such a way that you are able to make a profit and pay all your 10 employees at least minimum wages (as determined by the US government at that point in time). Should you not be able to meet these requirements, you might lose your chance of acquiring a green card.

Regional Centers and Their Importance to Immigration Business Visa Kissimmee, Florida

If you are not sure about investing in your own business for the purpose of acquiring an immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida, then it is very important that you approach an RC, where you will be able to pool your financial resources with other people. In this case, multiple applicants may choose to invest in their own individual capacity, or they might work with their fellow investors as well as other entrepreneurs.

These RCs are approved by the Federal US government to act as an intermediary that will bring the investors and businessmen who want an immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida, to the people who may utilize their investment for large scale projects in the US. The RC will charge a commission from the interested parties for its services. There around one thousand such regional centers that are actively working to bring people interested in immigrating to the US and getting them in touch with the people who would be able to fulfill the requirements of this visa.

However, before making any such investment, it is very important that you realize that your business investment is intrinsically passive in nature. This means that your funds will be invested in a commercial project run by an American businessman or consortium.  When applying for an immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida, with the help of an RC, you should do well to remember that there is no ‘absolute guarantee’ of the venture’s success. If it goes bankrupt, you will lose both your money as well as any chances of acquiring your green card. But this is an extremely rare event. The EB 5 immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida, program has been in place for decades with an amazing ROI (returns on investment) track record for all the stakeholders.

  • Inter-corporate Transfer Visa

This is a comparatively less expensive way of gaining an immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida. This visa will apply in case you have been transferred from an American company operating overseas to its affiliated branch in the US. In such a case, the company will sponsor you by convincing the government that you are integral to its day to day operations. You may join the staff of the company in your original capacity or you may be hired to work as an executive or a manager due to your highly specialized knowledge. The reason why this category has been included in immigration business visa Kissimmee, Florida, is due to the fact that once you are on US soil, you become a passive investor while being employed in the company.

In order to acquire this type of visa, it is necessary that you have worked for the US company abroad for a minimum of one year in the preceding three years. Moreover, your job description should be similar to the original job that you have specialized in while working for the company abroad. The processing time for this type of visa generally comes to 18 months approx.


These programs have been created by the US government so that highly skilled workers or high worth investors end up immigrating to the US. In fact, the core purpose of this visa program is to ensure that the newcomers can add value to American society as a whole.

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