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Immigrate to USA

Thanks to the deteriorating socio-economic conditions all over the world, a larger number of people are now immigrating to the US. There are many reasons due to which people want to immigrate to the proverbial land of “milk and honey”.  But freedom from prosecution as well as greater economic opportunities are the key motivators for many people who want an American citizenship.  We can help in any immigration needs you may have.  Please call us at 407-910-4770, or email us at [email protected].

  • USA: The Promised Land

The main reason why America is referred to as the ‘promised land’ is due to its values of equality and freedom. In fact, it is precisely because of these ideals that the masses consider it to be a beacon of hope that attracts them like moths to a flame. Many people consider it to be a place where they will be able to reach the zenith of their social and cultural existence.   

And all of this is only possible because the whole of American society firmly believes in the unbeatable strength of the common man.  In fact, the edifice of American politics hangs around the core concept of ‘one man, one vote’ irrespective of his race, caste, creed or gender. In a nutshell, if he is an American citizen, he will be entitled to all the rights and privileges that are given to all other fellow Americans. 

However, becoming an American citizen is not easy since the laws that govern its immigration policies are firmly applied without any prejudice or distinction. This is the part where a really good Florida immigration attorney in Orlando comes into the picture.  Such a person can help you achieve the elusive dream of acquiring a legal permanent residency permit (LPR) or green card. 

Yes, you can try and apply on your own, but even the slightest mistake can have terrible consequences and can even get you permanently blacklisted. This is why it is absolutely imperative that all of your documents should be in perfect order. And only a good Florida immigration attorney in Orlando can help you in this regard.

  • Why Orlando?

These days the city of Orlando, Florida, is a veritable magnet for highly qualified and skilled individuals who have come to settle here in droves. This city, in particular, is well connected to the rest of the world through a vast network of sea and air ports. Apart from that, the state also has a vibrant banking and financial sector that is able to accommodate the large number of national and multinational companies, that have made Orlando their corporate headquarters.

The synergy of the finance industry with the industrial sector has created massive demand for very high quality human resources. The companies located here have actively started recruiting from all over the world for highly skilled employees. However, processing the legal intricacies requires the services of a talented and exceptionally skilled Florida immigration attorney in Orlando who would be able to breeze though the immigration laws. 

Here it is pertinent to note that time is of the essence because these corporations can lose valuable contracts and other revenue streams to their competitors while their manpower resources are still being processed. The maze of immigration laws, as well as the large number of agencies that are tasked with implementing the various rules and regulations, can be mind boggling for the average layman. This is why it is so important to ensure that you hire the right Florida immigration attorney in Orlando to ensure smooth processing of all the relevant documents.

  • Different Types of Immigration Visas

Let us take a closer look at the more common employment visas that may be processed by any good Florida immigration attorney in Orlando:

  • L Visas
  • E Visas

These visas are awarded to individuals who are hired by companies registered in America. The visa is granted only when the company wants to transfer a critically important staff member from another country to their US based operations. This visa can be further subdivided into ‘temporary’ or ‘semi-permanent’ visa. The temporary visa is granted for a specific period of time, and if it is not renewed, the person has to leave the country. The general time limit of such a visa is typically 5 years or so. It is always best to ask your Florida immigration attorney in Orlando for accurate information in this regard.

  • The L1 Visa Program

As far as the federal L1 visa program is concerned, this visa is granted exclusively to those individuals who are considered to be extremely talented in their respective fields. And the organizations they work for believe that they are indispensable to their operations. However, a company can only apply for such a visa for their employees if it has been specifically registered in the US. This means that an MNC cannot do so, even if it has a subsidiary located in America. 

  • The E 2 Visa Program

As a general rule, E-2 visas are more flexible than the L1 visas, in terms of both their timeframe as well as their duration. They can even be extended indefinitely till the applicant becomes eligible for LPR status. But that will only be possible if the Florida immigration attorney in Orlando has done his homework well enough for the application to sail through the immigration process.  These visas are usually granted to investors so that they will be able to bring valuable foreign capital to the country.

  • Conclusion

In the light of the above, we can conclude that any person who really wants to immigrate the United States of America and does not know the process, can benefit from the expertise of a good Florida immigration attorney in Orlando. This is because these skilled professionals have the experience and the expertise to help you acquire the green card. In fact, hiring such an attorney can greatly increase your chances of getting your application processed in your favor.