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Immigrate to the USA with the help of Immigration Lawyer Orlando

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,” she wrote. “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” The legend inscribed at the base of the statue of liberty: New York The USA is widely considered to be a ‘promised land’ for all those people who want access to a better life for their own selves as well as their family members. It is the single most popular destination for people all over the world who want to escape their social, political and economic woes.

o   America: The land of the free and the brave

The fact is, to the oppressed masses of the other less fortunate countries all over the globe, the United States of America stands out as a beacon of hope and light in their very darkest of hours and it is here that they want to spend their lives, not just for their own selves but also for a better future for their children.  Apart from religious and political freedom, USA also offers tremendous opportunities to all people regardless of race, cast, creed, or religion. If you are hardworking and law abiding, the chances are that you too can also become part of the ‘great all American dream”. And indeed, this is precisely why many people now, want to immigrate and ultimately settle there. It is in fact, the one country in the world where people have the space to openly practice and also celebrate their respective race, their cultures and their religion in the sort of free and democratic environment that they had hitherto craved in their own native lands. Ultimately, it is the idea that they can live in a highly pluralistic society devoid of any kind of discrimination whatsoever, that attracts immigrants to USA, like iron filings to a magnet. But it is pertinent to note that U.S. immigration law, as a rule tends to be very complex indeed. This means there is a lot of red tape and confusion regarding the precise requirements for different immigrants, as per the duly allocated quotas, that are part of the many categories under US immigration rules and regulations. As a matter of fact, the US government has created an entire act specifically for the sole purpose of regulating and organizing all immigration related work. This set of laws is known as the ‘the Immigration and Naturalization Act or INA and it contains the key laws that actively and directly govern the current immigration policy that is currently in force in the USA today. This is where anImmigration Lawyer Orlando comes into the picture. In actual fact, it is only by hiring the services of just such a lawyer, could you have any chance of being able to make it through the veritable maze of bureaucratic red tape and allow your immigration papers to be processed as soon as possible, so that you and your loved ones could be together again. This is because there are so very many clauses, sub-clauses and subtle nuances with regard to immigration of different people to the USA. And due to the onerous nature of all of these complex lows, rules and regulations, should there be any inadvertent mistakes in the paper work, the odds are that your perfectly legal application will be relegated to the back burner. And what is more, it can be postponed even indefinitely, with the weeks stretching onto decades even! This is where an Immigration Lawyer Orlando can really help out and ensure that there are no issues and you have smooth sailing throughout the cumbersome immigration process and it is as short as it can ever possibly be. And another great aspect of hiring an Immigration Lawyer Orlando is that this city is located in the sunny state of Florida. Now this particular state, has a whole lot going for it in terms of attracting prospective immigrants, since it has multiple sea and air ports and a temperate climate as well as many different industries. It has succeeded in attracting highly skilled workers from all over the world.  The sheer affluence of the state of Florida, relative to the rest of the region has meant that white collar workers can easily take advantage of its otherwise booming economy and also contribute to the same. This surge in skilled population levels has also directly resulted in a steady growth in the ever-increasing real estate sector along with ancillary service related industries, effectively making the city of Orlando and by extension, the whole of the state of Florida into an ideal place, a place where fresh immigrants to the United States love to settle down and congregate. The ‘cultural melting pot’ aspect of the city effectively ensures that it remains a highly heterogenized city that prides itself on its multi-cultural traditions, its liberalism and its unique ability to welcome people with open arms from all over the world who can easily settle into their respective niches. This is because they can find other fresh immigrants like them who are also being helped by the locals as much as possible so that they too could enter the national mainstream at the earliest, and thereby become productive members of society. Of course, all of this is only possible if and when you hire the services of your friendly neighbourhood Immigration Lawyer Orlando. Just such an individual will easily be able to give you all the correct and up to date information with regard to the ’various federal as well as the state of Florida’s policies for immigration to this state in particular, and the United states in general. As per the various federal policies that control the free flow of immigrants to the USA, there is a certain point to be noted, in this case. Here, the INA allows for a maximum annual global limit (irrespective of the country of origin that is) of 675,000 permanent immigrants (approximately) to the USA, after vectoring in both skilled as well as unskilled workers. Nevertheless, there typically exist certain exceptions over and above this limit as well and such people are also taken into the US as permanent immigrants on a priority bases. These may include family members, extended families that may have been separated due to geographical and national boundaries as well as refugees fleeing for their lives in different war torn regions. Or for that matter, people simply trying to escape religious and cultural prosecution in their respective lands. The Immigration Lawyer Orlando will act to ensure the quick processing of all if your immigration related applications by helping and guiding you into filling the myriad forms and also making sure that they end up in the right hands. And also, the relevant departments instead of getting shunted around from desk to desk. However, here it is pertinent to mention that your Immigration Lawyer Orlando can only ‘help’ you file the application and cannot make any decisions with regard to the actual approval (or lack of it thereof) of your application. This is due to the fact that such authority is only vested in the particular government agency that will be dealing with your application. And each and every immigration application has to pass very stringent background checks indeed, so as to make sure that the prospective immigrant has no criminal or terrorist background and is therefore cleared to be allowed legal residency status in the United States of America. However, once the duly vetted and perfectly legal and lawful permanent residency permit has actually been issued then this precious document can basically allow any and all erstwhile foreign nationals to live in, and work perfectly legally and permanently in the territories that comprise the United States of America. In fact, the LPR or lawful permanent residency status confers upon them almost the same rights and privileges that USA born citizens typically have. An added benefit of such a document is that also allows the individual to legitimately remain in the US even after he has lost his job, till the time he can find another one. This does not however, hold true for all work related visas, since many of them are issued for the execution of certain jobs and have been granted to the employer of the worker along with the worker himself, and once he has executed his job, he has to leave the country, unless the employer applies for an extension on his behalf.

o   Employment-Based Immigration

Such visas are known as ‘temporary work visas’ and allow the skilled employee to continue to work till such time as the employer does not require his services anymore. In this respect, your immigration lawyer Orlando will be able to guide you all the better. Basically, all employment based immigration can be divided into two separate and distinct categories easily enough. They consist of the following two categories. Temporary visa classifications and permanent residency as well.

o   Temporary Visa Classifications

The United States government effectively provides various opportunities for immigrants who have certain valuable skills that could help build and contribute to the national economy. Such individuals are allowed to come to the country either as full-fledged permanent residents or for that matter temporary ones with renewable visas, till the time they either apply for permanent residency or go back to their country of origin. The visas based on temporary employment classification also permit the employers of the prospective workers to petition and subsequently opt to hire foreign nationals for specific  jobs for a limited period of time only. As a matter of fact, most temporary workers must work exclusively for the erstwhile employer that has applied for a visa on their behalf and indeed, this is precisely why their job mobility is not unrestricted as any good immigration lawyer Orlando will inform you. There are a lot of visas for temporary nonimmigrant skilled workers that can lead to permanent residency status eventually. Your immigration lawyer Orlando will tell you precisely how temporary permits could potentially be converted into permanent ones. Some of them include the following:
  • The L-1 visa that is issued for intracompany transfers only
  • The different P visas that apply to athletes, skilled performers and other entertainers
  • The R-1 visas that are applicable to religious workers
  • Different form ‘A’ visas that are typically issued to employees of diplomatic missions only
  • The O-1 visas for highly skilled workers who have displayed extraordinary ability and lastly
  • The various H visas that are routinely issued to both highly-skilled and even lesser-skilled workers.
The above visa classifications tend to vary from year to year based on the eligibility requirements that are also subject to change. For more details regarding temporary residency permit and visa, contact your immigration lawyer Orlando. Moreover, the duration of the stay of such workers also depends on a host of other factors such as the fact that they can or cannot bring their dependents (offspring, aged parents, spouse etc.). By and large, the employee and all of his dependents have to leave the territory of the United States of America as soon as their temporary visa expires or for that matter, if their employment has been terminated by their employer. However, in case the temporary worker applies for a permanent residency through his immigration lawyer Orlando, and his application is accepted, then he can become a legal permanent resident of the USA.

o    Conclusion

In the light of the above, we can easily deduce that the skilled and semi-skilled workers who are interested in immigrating to the US, can do so easily enough by first finding a suitable job and getting their employers to apply on their behalf. Afterwards, they can also apply for permanent immigration (subject to approval by the relevant authorities) with the help of their well-qualified Immigration Lawyer Orlando.