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US immigration requirements for immediate relatives

Over the years, the sheer number of people opting to immigrate to the land of their dreams and the one place that they see as a means of achieving their full potential, has increased almost exponentially. After, all they do not call the US the land of ‘milk and honey’ for nothing. And indeed, this is precisely why so many people from all over the world really want to immigrate to this country due to the fact that this is a welcome escape from many, if not most of their economic woes.  Quite apart from that, there are plenty of cultural aspects to this equation as well. Since the kind of freedom, they have here, can only be seen and felt to be believed, as such. This is precisely why this country and land acts as the ultimate magnet that attracts the masses to its shores, once they land and so try to carve entirely new and better lives for themselves as well as their near and dear ones, that they have bought with them. After all, where else could they go to escape the relentless prosecution that they may have had to endure in their own native lands. Such discrimination is a sad reality in the world today, with people being ostracized based on their caste, their different creeds, their race, sect, religion and a whole lot of other things. However, this does not apply to the US at all, since the innately democratic nature of American society as a whole, also serves to effectively ensure that the ‘one person one vote ‘policy is followed very rigidly indeed. This is precisely why the people who immigrate here can effectively both practice as well as celebrate their own culture, in a highly democratic environment where they feel free to express themselves in any way they want (as long as it remains within the legal and moral confines of contemporary American society). This way they can pursue great ‘American Dream” without any let or hindrance whatsoever. But there is a fairly substantial fly in the ointment here.  And that is fact that the sheer attraction that the US has for the huddled masses from all over the world has effectively led to a veritable flood (and some might venture to say a deluge) of people from all the corners of the globe. In many ways, the people who are trying to find their way to this temporal version of ‘utopia’ are not always the kind of people, the US government is looking for. This is why many, if not most applications are out rightly rejected without the proper say so, especially when it comes to filing their application forms and papers correctly. This is where a really good Immigration Attorney Kissimmee comes into the picture. In fact, this lawyer can help you get that most coveted of residency permits in the USA.
  • Permanent Residency and (subsequent) Citizenship
The main area of focus for you, when applying for Immigrating to the United States, should be your eligibility as a prospective immigrant. Here too, your Immigration Attorney Kissimmee can help guide you in a multitude of different ways. The US government authorizes a very specific number of immigrants annually, and this sum consists of different classes of immigrants. The eligibility criteria for any and all immigrants has to be part of any one of these classes or categories. If you do not fall under any one of these classes (such as in the family and immediate relatives calls, or the skilled worker category for instance) then you will not be able to have your application for permanent residency status approved. Such a lawyer will be able to save you a lot of pain, suspense and anguish by telling you up close and personal what your chances are for being accepted as a permanent resident of the US.  Since the average Immigration Attorney Kissimmee is a hardworking as well as an honest lawyer, he will not short charge you by making tall claims of getting you your LPR (legal permanent residency) when he knows well, that it is not really possible for him to do so. But on the other hand, should you be eligible for such a residency permit, the Immigration Attorney Kissimmee will subsequently help you with all of the painstaking legal requirements and the paper work necessary, that individuals desirous of a permanent residency status will have to submit to the federal government. However, here it is pertinent to note that many of the rules and regulations regarding immigration policies tend to change often, thereby making it very difficult indeed for just about anyone who has not had formal training of any sort whatsoever to be able to stay current on the various laws that govern such applications.  As a matter of fact, even amongst many an Immigration Attorney Kissimmee, there are highly specialized fields that deal with family and immediate relative immigration ona more priority basis (for instance), while other such attorneysspecializing in immigration related cases, may be able to focus more on skilled migrant cases. In fact, this is why, when selecting your Immigration Attorney Kissimmee, it is imperative that you opt for one who can help you with whatever specific category you have in mind. Here,due care should be noted that the Immigration Attorney Kissimmee is part of a practice that focuses exclusively on immigration related matters, not on simple general practice cases alone. In fact, once you have on board a duly qualified and experienced Immigration Attorney Kissimmee (and provided that you actually qualify) can easily and successfully help you obtain your permanent residency (also often colloquially referred to as the ubiquitous ‘green card’), as the pathway to an eventual citizenship. This being the most common goal of the would be immigrant. While it is true that immigration laws as they exist today in the US, do provide a well-trodden path to eventual citizenship for both workers and investors (who want to invest their earning in the US, rather than their home countries). However, the single most common grounds for the federal government to grant legal status to a prospective immigrant is typically based on the family based immigration category. And this entire process begins when you (provided you are a permanent resident or for that matter a U.S. citizen) will file a petition via your friendly, neighborhood Immigration Attorney Kissimmee on behalf of an immediate family member who is a legal resident of a foreign country, (that may or may not have been your country of origin.) Your Immigration Attorney Kissimmee will inform you that just about any and all U.S. citizens can in theory at least, sponsor their family members who may qualify as their “immediate relatives.” These relatives may include the members of your nuclear family such as your spouse, your children and in many cases, even the parents of a citizen (Wherever applicable) provided the following conditions are fulfilled:
  • You (being the principal petitioner) are at least 21 years of age or older,
  • You have unmarried children under age 21,
  • and any children that you may well, have adopted before turning 16.
Here your Immigration Attorney Kissimmee  will inform you that there are no government limits being rigidly enforced that would potentially limit the total number of immediate relative visas that are (after all due vetting) approved per year.  What this effectively means is that there is no overly long wait in a queue. Apart from the overall time that is typically required to process the visa petition. On the other hand, many  petitions that are filed by either citizens or permanent residents on behalf of distant relatives are subject to annual quotas here. The sheer amount or volume of time these family members will have to wait for to be able to come to the United States and reunite with their families will of course depend on their personal preference category, as well. For example, the unmarried children that are aged 21 or older are typically given the highest priority or preference. On the other hand, the brothers and sisters of various adult citizens are typically given the least preference here. Unfortunately, for many, if not most of those people, who are categorized in the lower preference categories, the odds are that their wait can literally last for years upon years, especiallyif you have not hired a really good Immigration Attorney Kissimmee who knows his way perfectly well, around the system. Here it is prudent for you the principal applicant or petitioner, to scout around for the very best Immigration Attorney Kissimmee. This is due to the fact that all immigration by its very nature is in effect, an exceedingly diverse area of the law, and the many attorneys who work in this field tend to specialize in very particular and specific types of cases. For example, an Immigration Attorney Kissimmee may well limit either his or her practice to the petitions that are based on skilled labor alone, or for that matter foreign adoptions or even unskilled workers being hired in a temporary capacity by any firm or company located in the US.  This is why it is for the prospective Immigration seekers and their families to take it on themselves to do their homework thoroughly enough and thereby aim to gain at least a preliminary understanding of thebasic nature of their particular case, before going about that extremely crucial task of finding an Immigration Attorney Kissimmee.
  • The basics of immigration law as it applies in the US
Here the very term Immigration law refers to the wide array of rules and regulations that have been established by the federal government for determining who precisely is allowed to enter the country, as well as for how long.  The main law would be the Immigration and Nationality Act or INA and its various clauses are found in Title 8 of the United States Code. S By and large, state governments are not allowed and in fact prohibited by the federation from enacting actual immigration laws.  But that does not mean they have not done so and as of today, they have allowed local police departments to actively investigate the immigration status of various suspected illegal aliens ([people who have no legal right to be in the US). This has led to a lot of controversy between proponents of the rights of the federations vs. those who want a greater say for state rights. There are currently multiple federal agencies that are tasked with both administering and enforcing all relevant immigration laws and statutes. These include the following:
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

o    Conclusion

In the light of the above, we can quite safely be able to conclude that any and all individuals who are in immigrating to the United States of America, irrespective of their category or status can easily do so with the help of their Immigration Attorney Kissimmee. This is because the city has a great network of extremely well qualified immigration attorneys who can easily help you to fulfill all the obligations of your visa requirements as well as the permanent resident status that you aspire for. Just such an Immigration Attorney Kissimmee is easily available, only a phone call or an email away and he or she will be able to guide you through the maze of immigration laws till you are able to come to the ‘promised land’.