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Everything You Should Know About Applying for a Green Card

People who have ever envisioned immigrating to the USA will know that they can’t go to the U.S without a Green Card. This card is what proves that that specific individual holds the status to live and work in the USA.

So in a way, it empowers the holder to live and work within the US permanently without facing any issues with the law. Applying for a Green Card must be done through the U.S. immigration lawyers at the “United States Citizenship and Immigration Services” (USCIS).

Having said all of this, there are various types of green cards as well and each has its own set of features. Let’s have a look at them.

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Various Types of Green Cards

  • Family Green Cards

People who have any family members within the United States can be supported or sponsored by those relatives and get a green card for achieving permanent citizenship in America. Family individuals who can serve as a sponsor may include children, parents, spouses, or siblings. However, if the sponsor is only a green card holder and not a permanent resident, then they must be the spouse, sibling, or child of those applying.

  • EB-5 Investment Cards

This card was first made in 1990 as a portion of an update of the U.S immigration program. It was established to assist in increasing occupation opportunities within the U.S. It was initially only accessible to those who contributed at least $1 million or more and created at least ten employment opportunities.

  • Employment-Based Green Cards

To get a green card based on business, the candidate must be sponsored by the employer living in the United States. This goes through a legal process of labor certification. However, in certain circumstances, exceptions may exist. Around 140,000 employment-based green cards are allowed each year in the U.S. Most of these visas are specially reserved for specific experts and professions in a given field or laborers. These people possess skills that are in high demand within America.

  • Marriage-Based Green Cards

The immigrant who gets married to a permanent resident of the U.S or a green card holder is qualified to get permanent residency based on this legal marriage. This applies to both conventional couples and same-sex marriages since the Preeminent Court recognized same-sex marriage as a protected right.

This process includes Form I-485, Form I-130, or a few combinations of both after applying for a K-1 visa to urge into the nation and marry. Green cards allowed in this way are temporary and great for two to three years. However, if an immigrant wants to get rid of this confinement, holders must record Frame I-751 at least within 90 days of expiry to achieve the certificate of permanent residence.

  • Special Immigrants

Other classes of individuals that qualify for extraordinary foreigner classification for a green card.

  • Foreign med school graduates who were within the U.S prior to 1978
  • Priests coming to the U.S to proceed with their work
  • Former U.S government workers who have worked in this nation for at least the last seven years
  • Those serving within the armed forces for over 12 years
  • Those helping dependent children
  • Those who are bringing more investment in the country
  • Those who have lived persistently within the U.S. since 1972

Moreover, outcasts or refugees who face abuse or threat to life or well-being in their home country due to political problems and opinions, religion, social grouping, race, nationality, or race can apply for political refuge, which can lead to a green card.

  • DV-Lottery Cards

Each year, the government of the United States grants 50,000 visas to candidates from countries that send very low numbers of workers to the United States. These visas are granted by computer lottery. Candidates usually have to apply at the start of October before the lottery process. They start checking online for status within the following May.

If chosen, they go through a proper interview process, where your ability to get a green card is questioned by the authorities. This is done to ensure that the selected candidates are actually worthy of being given this card. Once you win the lottery and clear the interview process, you must act quickly. This is because as more individuals get approved, the more complexities arise to get visas, as they are granted on a first-come, first-served basis after the final interview.

Green Card Eligibility Requirements

If you want to apply for a green card, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. Generally, most immigrants get a green card through family or through business. You can also get a green card as the victim of domestic violence or abuse, as a special migrant, through the registry, or through asylum or refugee status.

The following are the major eligibility requirements to get a green card:

  • Be an immigrant investor or laborer, or have a doctor’s national interest waiver.
  • Be the quick relative of a U.S citizen, which incorporates being the life partner of a U.S citizen, a minor beneath the age of 21 of a U.S resident, or the parent of a U.S citizen who is at least 21 years old.
  • Be the fiancé(e) of a U.S resident or the fiancé’s child.
  • Be another relative of a U.S resident or a legal permanent citizen under the family-based preference categories.
  • Be the widow(er) of a U.S resident.

A green card empowers numerous immigrants to start their journey toward attaining the full citizenship of the United States. Highly-sought after green cards allows their holder lawful permanent citizenship within the United States.

Whereas green card holders are not citizens, they may live and work within the nation uncertainly.

Now let’s learn a few of the benefits as well as potential disadvantages of green cards.

The Advantage of a Green Card

Green card holders, also known as legal permanent citizens of the United States, savor benefits that other visa holders don’t get, which include the following:

  • Sponsor certain relatives for visas or green cards
  • Apply for U.S residency after five years.
  • Travel out of the United States more easily
  • Give budgetary contributions to U.S elections
  • Payout less on the university, college or professional/vocational school tuition
  • Renewal of the green card every ten years

To be allowed to enjoy these rights, green card holders are also expected to maintain their duties, some of them are the following:

    • File income tax returns and report salary to the U.S state taxing authorities and Board Revenue Service.
    • Obey all laws of the U.S states and localities.
    • Register with the Selective Service, if male and between the age group of 18-25
    • Support the law-based frame of government and not to alter the government through unlawful means.

The Downside to a Green Card

One of the few downsides to being a green card holder is that you don’t have the complete rights and duties of a U.S citizen, which incorporate the following:

    • Get priority in sponsoring family individuals for green cards.
    • Have the right to vote.
    • Receive full security from getting deported
    • Obtain permanent citizenship for children born outside the United States
    • Travel with a U.S passport
    • Become a chosen official

The Rights of Green Card Holders

The green cardholder has the following expectations and rights that go with their permanent resident status.

  • Green card holders have the right to register for the draft
  • These people are being taxed like ordinary citizens and can enjoy welfare services and other perks
  • Green card holders have the right to bear arms
  • They are expected to live in the United States and can be penalized if otherwise

Apply for a Green Card with Legal Help

If you are looking forward to getting a permanent residency in the United States, you must know that it requires a card. Nevertheless, the process of green card application is complicated for many applicants. Hiring an immigration lawyer for consultation should be considered if you want to make your application process smooth for yourself.

Naturally, you’ll be having so many questions and concerns that only a professional can answer. An immigration lawyer will guide you through the complete legal process to get a green card. They will make your case easier in front of the counsel by representing all of your legal documents and other legal requirements.

Moreover, an immigration lawyer will give you the perfect legal advice than an ordinary person who may claim to be an expert. Therefore, it is essential to get legal help before applying for a green card.

When it comes to legal matters, it goes without saying that nobody can as be as competent as a professional lawyer. So, if you have a dream to settle or work in the United States, you must know that only an immigration lawyer can help you turn your dream into reality. Get in touch with a qualified professional today!

If you need any type of immigration help, please call us at 407-910-4770 or email us at [email protected].