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Deportation Lawyer in Florida

Did you know that very recently army veteran Miguel Perez was granted US citizenship despite a felony drug conviction and a prison term of more than 7 years? When Perez heard the news, he said the following words to his attorney in disbelief, “I was like no way, seriously?”

Had it not been for his lawyer, the army veteran would not have won his case or made an honorable return to the country. The attorney had taken the clemency granted by a judge as an opportunity to fight the case even after the deportation and remained persistent until he won the green card for Perez.

But what happens to most of us?

The fact is that people who are facing deportation sometimes end up making their case even more complex. What’s more is that so many of these people erroneously assume that they don’t even have a chance of winning the case hence there is no use of seeking professional assistance.

However, the fact is that hiring a deportation lawyer in Florida can help you discover new avenues of possibilities in your case. These can sometimes overturn critical decisions, as it was evident in the aforementioned case. The important question here is that what are the particular situations that merit seeking professional help? That’s exactly what we will discuss in this article! We will discuss the situations when it becomes absolutely necessary to reach out to a professional lawyer.

If you need a Florida deportation immigration lawyer, please call us at 407-910-4770 or email us at [email protected].

When to Hire a Deportation Lawyer?

Cases such as applying for a green card or an immigrant visa with no criminal record are straightforward and you are eventually declared eligible to earn your stay in the US.

If you are applying from overseas, you might only need a lawyer to assist with the paperwork and communicate with the respective consulates on your behalf.

However, other cases that have even a little bit of complexity may involve a lot of scrutiny and court proceedings than you might think. Following are the 6 situations when you must consider hiring a counsel to represent you.

  1. When You Have an Inadmissible Case

The most common issue that immigrants face is the claim made by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) which declares them as ineligible. There can be a number of reasons that may render you ineligible, usual factors involve a crime on the applicant’s record or falsified statements earlier submitted to the government. The law also restrains anyone who has had a history of drug abuse or infectious illness from entering the country.

The term admissibility also applies to the people who are seeking a change in their visa status, such as a permanent residency. Once the case gets the court’s attention, it is difficult to retreat or make any major changes. A deportation lawyer in Florida assists you with a good study of your case and helps you understand where standing does your case have.

  1. When the Options are Too Confusing

Skilled workers and employers face troubling situation when applying for immigration. Generally, a potential employee who does not have a criminal record can be eligible for multiple green cards or visas. Here, a lawyer plays a mediator’s role by assisting both the potential employee and the employer on deciding which option is best for them.

Also, there can be more than one option in family-related visas with different durations for proceedings in each case. The deportation lawyer is able to provide you with the right advice to approach your case speedily and advantageously.

  1. When You Are Dealing With Removal Proceedings

Deportation or removal proceedings are perhaps the most difficult to deal with because these decide whether or not you will continue to stay in the country or can return. Removal proceedings require a different skill set that only an experienced deportation lawyer in Florida has.

These cases are often so complex that they can have repercussions even when the proceedings have been completed. Hence this situation also merits that you consult an experienced counsel at your earliest.

  1. When You are Facing Unnecessary Delays

Time is the most important factor, and it plays a decisive role when you are applying for immigration. Any complexity in your case can cause it to face significant delays.

Often times, cases that require the application’s transfer between cities can put them on the back burner for months. While it is next to impossible for a client to access their application or inquire about an extraordinary delay, a counsel can very well reach out to the authorities and get your application to the next stage of proceedings.

  1. When You Are Hiring Foreign Workers

If you are running a business and are seeking to hire a foreign worker, it can be highly difficult to complete legal procedures on your own and follow up on the updates.

This is due to the fact that such employments require placement of specific job advertisements. In order to carry out this process, employers have to submit an application of employer sponsored green card, which is called PERM.

It is a bit surprising that even a small mistake on the form, such as when detailing out the terms of agreement, can result in a denial of the application. Needless to say, rejection of your application of any sort can be troubling as it causes loss of time and money. It is advisable to let a professional lawyer complete all requirements of filling out the form for you.

  1. When You Have Too Much Paperwork

Completing the paperwork for your immigration can be stressful as it requires following a lot of formalities. Often times, you have to consult several people to figure out how a particular form will be filled. Again, even minor mistakes can undermine your entire effort and force you to go through the whole process again.

On the contrary, a deportation lawyer in Florida is experienced in dealing with such cases, that too in the least amount of time. They have the necessary software tools in place to complete your application on your behalf to make it as convenient for you as possible.

As much as it is important to seek professional assistance in every deportation case, it is mandatory to be careful when selecting a lawyer. There are a few  who do more damage than good. They are inexperienced counsels who are not equipped with the legal knowledge to fight your case.

Following details will help you understand what kind of lawyers you should always avoid.

  1. Poor Work Ethic

Inexperienced lawyers lack the sagaciousness to attach themselves with your case and that is why they have an unprofessional behavior towards work. Such legal representatives have condescending or rude tone and they prove to be really difficult to work with.

As you need to communicate and coordinate with them extensively regarding your case, it is best to avoid hiring their services.

  1. Unrealistic Promises

Lawyers who are unaware of how legal cases proceed or what the chances of success of a certain case are make tall claims and promise milestones that they cannot deliver and accomplish. That is why you should watch out for such counsels by scrutinizing their work history and track record of handling cases.

One way to identify such lawyers is that they promise to deliver 100 percent results, but the outcome of a case is always unpredictable.

  1. Careless Work Approach

The inexperience of such lawyers is visibly reflected from a careless work approach as they miss deadlines and don’t make any effort to be punctual towards their responsibilities. They are also poor at prioritizing and managing time according to the needs of the case. Their lack of work ethics begins to cause trouble for you when they failed to respond to critical emails and messages in time.

This approach can sometimes cause irrecoverable damage and compromise your chances of stay in the country.

  1. Hastiness and Impatience

Inexperienced lawyers will demonstrate an unnecessary haste and impatience in dealing with your case. They rush through things and end up overlooking several important details.

Final Words

While relatively simple and straightforward cases might not need professional legal help, other situations might. They will require comprehensive evaluation and professional services to make sure that your case had a winning chance. It is also important to go beyond online reviews to hire an experienced lawyer.

If you need a Florida deportation immigration lawyer, please call us at 407-910-4770 or email us at [email protected].