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Deportation Attorney in Orlando, FL

As a deportation attorney in Orlando, we know that any immigrant who succeeds in reaching their dream destination is faced with one imminent threat: a deportation.

This worry can cause huge stress for the applicant and their family and compromise the purpose of their travel. Some counterfeit lawyers try to take advantage of such a  situation and make unrealistic or illegal offers to you with claims that they can pull you out of trouble.

When hoping for the best seems difficult, a deportation attorney in Orlando can not only get you back on your feet, but fight your case to help you enjoy an honorable stay in the country.

If you need assistance from a deportation attorney please call us at 407-910-4770 or email us at [email protected].

Situations When You Must Hire an Attorney

Below are some of the situations that make it mandatory for you to hire an attorney in order to avoid getting in trouble.

  1. In situations where you have been convicted of a crime and have to undergo any legal process.
  2. If you fear that the complexities in your case might result in a permanent ban on entering the country.
  3. If you have submitted your forms for a legal process but are facing a significant delay in receiving the response.
  4. If you want to apply for a green card or a visa but your potential employer is not offering to undertake the immigration process.
  5. If you have initiated immigration process but now need assistance on the direction of the process.
  6. If you had to leave the country under any circumstances, such as a deportation or forced exit.
  7. If you are dealing with an infectious disease and want to know about your chances to secure a green card.
  8. If you are dealing with a divorce case that possibly lead to a possible deportation.

How Can a Deportation Attorney in Orlando Florida Help?

We will now look at five ways an attorney can assist you with an imminent deportation and work towards resolving your issue.

1.) Cancellation of Deportation

The first method that your deportation attorney in Orlando can assist you with is through the cancellation of your deportation. Immigrants can request the removal of a deportation clause based on their good behavior. In order to qualify for this clause, the person in question should be a legal citizen for 5 years and should have lived in the US for 7 consecutive years, and should not have an aggravated felony on their record.

2.) Assistance for Non-Permanent Residents

Your attorney can help you get your deportation waived even if you do not hold a green card.

However, an immigrants needs to prove their residence in the country for at least 10 years, good character and no major offense that could warrant a deportation. Your attorney lets the judge know on your behalf that the deportation may cause extreme difficulty for a green card-holder relative, especially a child.

3.) U-Visa Facility

A professional attorney helps you with applying for a U-Visa which is for those who have suffered any sort of physical or psychological abuse. The basic purpose of this facility is to assist the law enforcement agencies of prosecuting a crime. As soon as the process with the police starts, the deportation automatically comes to a stop.

At the completion of this process, the applicant is issues the green card.

4.) Seeking Political Asylum

Your deportation attorney can assist you to request for a political asylum over persecution. Applicants who become victims of persecution over their religious beliefs, race or political stance can request for political asylum. The only condition related with seeking an asylum is that you have to apply for it within one year of your arrival in the country.

5.) Voluntary Departure

Last but not least, an applicant can ask their attorney to assist with a departure to prevent deportation. Although this may seem like taking a step back, an applicant who departs voluntary is able to return to the country lawfully.

In order to fulfill this condition, an applicant needs to prove their residence in the US for at least a year, a good ethical character and no involvement in any sort of criminal or terrorism-related activity.

A deportation attorney is only able to help you out if they have some traits that are essential for professional assistance.

Essential Traits of a Deportation Attorney

Following are the qualities that a deportation attorney must possess to deal with your case effectively.

  1. Your deportation attorney has the knowledge about any and all updates in the law that may have happened at some point. They are aware of any major updates that were made to the immigration process and how they can assist you in your particular case. They are also fully aware of the implications of certain clauses and how they can be used to your benefit.
  2. Punctuality is another important trait that your deportation attorney will need to possess.
  3. A good deportation attorney in Orlando is also able to exhibit a positive body language in the court and maintain a calm and confident posture while representing your case. They know that a small mistake in representing the case such as misreading a certain clause could end it all for them.
  4. Deportation lawyers know that they will only have a fair chance of winning a case if they have thoroughly understood the case and its requirements. Hence, they comprehensively assess the case and make sure that they have not missed anything that is critical to its success.
  5. Needless to say, good deportation lawyers hold certifications of trainings that serve as testimonials to their qualification. They also have positive reviews about their achievements from their colleagues and experts in the field. While these recommendations may not exactly be an evidence of how a lawyer performs, they can be a good place to start with when hiring a deportation attorney in Orlando.
  6. It goes without saying that a good attorney should have excellent communication skills to be able to truly represent your case. Being articulate and communicative is an essential trait required in this profession.
  7. An expert deportation attorney will also have the qualities of perseverance and persistence. This is because court cases especially those that deal with the law can have complexities that require constant efforts and resilience. Inexperienced lawyers sometimes make the mistake of giving up without realizing how close they were to success.
  8. Experienced deportation lawyers are also equipped with the ability to think creatively as well as critically to resolve the issues. They are able to understand the requirements of each case and the steps needed to resolve them. Professional deportation lawyers also know how to use their past experiences to their advantage and are often able to foresee what an outcome of a certain effort will be.
  9. Qualified deportation attorneys never stop exploring different angles of a complex case and continue to work to add more knowledge to find a way to win it. They never hesitate to seek professional opinion of other experts, whenever necessary, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the case at hand and to come up with the winning arguments.
  10. A good deportation attorney needs to have excellent research skills. They must make use of the digital resources and other resource centers available to learn about the complexities of a case.
  11. Last but not least, a deportation attorney handling your case should be willing to walk the extra mile. This means that they are not only concerned about charging a fee for the services they are providing, but also how they can do justice to the task that they have been assigned.

Removal Proceeding

Before we conclude this article, it is also important to understand what a removal proceeding is and how does it affect your case.

A remove proceeding begins either when a person has been arrested or is undergoing investigation. The immigration judge hears argument from your attorney and the USCIS [US Citizenship and Immigration Services] and makes a final decision.

Professional lawyers can not only help you fight your deportation case, they can also help you in several other instances such as:


Immigration process carries its complexities and requires a stern sense of judgment and determination. A deportation attorney in Orlando will be aware of the methods that they could use to resolve your case and assist you in every way possible. Deportation is a stressful issue, and it requires you to hire a qualified attorney to represent your case.

If you need assistance from a deportation attorney please call us at 407-910-4770 or email us at [email protected].