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The 7 Most Common Questions on Immigration TPS - Temporary Protected Status in the USA

In this video an immigration attorney answers the most common questions on the USA immigration TPS green card system. The immigration Temporary Protected Status has many benefits for those who can apply. Listen to our immigration lawyer explain the benefits and requirements to apply for TPS via the US immigration system.

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In this video the immigration attorney answers the following questions:

– What is TPS?
– What are the benefits of TPS in US immigration?
– What are the requirements of TPS?
– Who is NOT eligible for immigration TPS green card?
– What evidence is needed to apply for TPS with US immigration?
– What are the immigration fees for TPS?
– What countries can individuals currently apply for TPS?


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Immigration TPS


Hello from Freedom Group, we’re a group of four companies that provide tax accounting, immigration, real estate, insurance and financial planning services. In this we are going to talk about the 7 most asked questions concerning the immigration TPS, or the temporary protected status from US immigration. 

To talk about this topic, we are going to bring our immigration attorney Robert.

Carlos H: Robert, how are you?

Robert M: I’m good Carlos, how are you?

Carlos H: Robert is our immigration attorney here at Freedom Immigration. Robert, what is TPS or what is the immigration Temporary Protected Status.

Robert M: Temporary Protected Status is a temporary benefit that does not lead to lawful permanent resident or any permanent immigrations status. The Secretary of homeland security can designate foreign countries for TPS due to conditions in that country that temporarily prevent the individuals from returning to their home country safely, or in certain circumstances when the country is unable to handle the return of these nationals.

Carlos H: What are the benefits of the immigration TPS status?

Robert M: If you are granted TPS you are not removed from the US; even if the person has a deportation order, they cannot be physically removed from the US. You can also use it to obtain employment authorization and you, in some cases, can be granted travel authorization.

Carlos H: And what are the requirements for immigration TPS?

Robert M: The first thing is that you must be a national of a country designated for TPS, or a person without nationality who had recently resided in that designated country. You need to file for TPS during the open window for registration, and you must have been continually present in the US since the effective day of the most recent designation for your country. And you also have to be continually residing in the US since the date specified for your country.

Carlos H: And then, who is ineligible for the immigration Temporary Protected Status?

Robert M: Who is ineligible are individuals who’ve been convicted of a felony or two or more misdemeanor committed in the US. If you are found inadmissible under non-waiver criminal and security related grounds. If you are also subject to any of the mandatory bars for asylum. This is even the example of people who have committed persecution against other people or terrorism. Obviously failing to meet the continuous physical presence or registration requirements. Also, failing to register after your initial TPS grant lapse.

Carlos H: Okay. And then one of the most common questions that we get here at Freedom Immigration is, what evidence is needed to apply to immigration TPS?

Robert M: The basic one is evidence of your nationality to make sure you qualify; the date of your entry; and the evidence of your continuous residence that can be like mail, rental or lease agreements; evidence like transferring money out of the US; basically, anything that can prove that you’ve been in the US continuously.

Carlos H: What are the fees for TPS?

Robert M: Well, the initial registration is only $50 dollars, but then if you also want a work permit, a work permit is $410 dollars + $85 for the biometrics, which would be a total of $495.

Carlos H: Currently, what countries can apply for TPS?

Robert M: The current open ones are: Myanmar, until November 25th 2022. Haiti, still open until February 3rd 2023. Somalia, until March 17th 2023. Syria, until September 30th 2022. Venezuela, they recently extended until September 9th 2022. Yemen, until March 3rd 2023.

Carlos H: In conclusion, Robert, do you think the TPS is a very good option for immigration?

Robert M: Yes. Any of these nationals who have been in the US and they qualify for TPS, it gives them an option to be able to stay in the country and basically protects them from deportation. 

Carlos H: Okay, perfect. If someone one to apply for immigration TPS, what do they have to do?

Robert M: Call Freedom Immigration at +4079104770.

Carlos H: Now you know, those are the seven most common questions related to the immigration TPS service here in the United States.

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Thank you for watching. God Bless you.