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Immigration Deportation Help in Florida

Are you scared that you will be receiving your deportation orders? Or you have been put on the deportation list? If that is the case, then there is no need to worry since you can easily acquire immigration deportation help in Florida.  If you need help with any immigration needs, please call us at 407-910-4770, or email us at [email protected].

U.S. immigration law essentially allows only a few categories of individuals to remain in the country and receive their green cards. But the law provides many more ways to fight against any sort of enforced removal than you may know. In fact, many applicants are not even aware of the fact that they can qualify for various remedies— some of these include:

  • Applying for asylum
  • Withholding of removal
  • Cancellation of removal proceedings

The person responsible for Immigration deportation help in Florida will inform you that if all else fails, then “voluntary departure” is an infinitely better way of leaving the country so as to avoid some of the severe consequences of forced deportation.

But a deportation order is not passed randomly. On the contrary, there are multiple reasons behind it. For instance, just about any non-citizen in the United States can potentially be deported, i.e., legally removed from the US territory under certain conditions that are clearly mentioned in the law. Deportation only applies to those individuals who are either in possession of a valid visa or have ‘permanent resident alien’ status but are not really U.S. citizens at the time their deportation order was passed. (Completely illegal aliens who have entered American territory without any sort of legal documentation are prone to be arrested as soon as they are discovered)

However, the person responsible for immigration deportation help in Florida will inform you that avoiding a deportation order is not very difficult, provided that all the laws of the land are followed and the individual being deported has met all the relevant criteria of his green card or his work/study visa whilst residing in the country.

It is only when a person fails to follow these highly specific requirements that his or her name is placed on the deportation list. But all hope is not lost because even if a person has been placed on the deportation list for subsequent forced removal from the US, there are still many different processes that have to be followed before actual physical removal of the individual takes place. And with immigration deportation help in Florida, you can escape this grim fate.

  • Overstaying Your Visa

Overstaying on your American visa (regardless of its nature and scope) will inevitably result in deportation and other penalties such as being permanently backlisted from visiting the US.  In case you seek immigration deportation help in Florida, you will find out that just about every American visa has an expiry date. This means that the visa holder is legally bound to either apply for an extension of his visa or alternately, leave the country before his or her visa expires. Any person who fails to comply with these options will be subjected to summary deportation. And if you do not seek immigration deportation help in Florida, then the odds are that you will be denied entry to the US, regardless of how many times you apply. And this holds true even if you are in the middle of a semester at an American university.

Apart from that, even if a person marries a U.S. citizen or is a permanent resident alien but has still failed to apply for his or her change in status from a simple visa holder to a permanent resident, then such a person will still have to face deportation proceedings.

  • Committing a Heinous Crime on US soil

It will be very difficult for immigration deportation help in Florida to aid you in any way if you have committed a serious crime in the US, especially if you are a non-citizen.  The crimes due to which you may be deported include the following felony offenses:

  • Sexual abuse of a child
  • Rape
  • Money laundering
  • Murder
  • Stealing property
  • Firearm-related offenses (buying, selling and owning illicit firearms) 
  • Burglary or theft
  • Trafficking of explosives and/or humans
  • Trafficking of drugs or any other highly controlled substances
  • Prostitution
  • Hiding or abetting family members or anyone else to enter or remain on US soil illegally
  • Racketeering
  • Kidnapping
  • Gambling offenses
  • Slavery
  • Disclosure of classified information or spying (that is, illegally gathering national defense related information)
  • Failure to appear in a court of law when summoned
  • Fraud
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Tax evasion
  • Terrorism or making terroristic threats

In all of the above cases, immigration deportation help in Florida might not be able to stave off your deportation, regardless of how hard you may try. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you should not break American laws while you are on American soil. 

  • Conclusion

In the light of the above discussion, it may be deemed prudent to conclude that your deportation order is not an ironclad document that forces you to leave the country. On the contrary, with immigration deportation help in Florida, you have a good chance at legally contesting your deportation order.

Always remember that regardless of how bad the case may be against you, there are still legal remedies that you can use to fight against your deportation. Let the highly skilled professional deportation attorneys in Florida handle your case so that you may have a shot at cancelling the removal proceedings against you. 

If you need help with any immigration needs, please call us at 407-910-4770, or email us at [email protected].