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9 Traits of a Good Immigration Lawyer

Did you know that the backlog of immigration cases in the US has surpassed one million cases this August? This backlog has been growing at a record rate as the figure has doubled since January 2017 when the number of cases was 542,000. Furthermore, the number of immigrants is so high that the detention centers have run out of spaces. In this situation, a good immigration lawyer is all that matters. But since there can be a possibility of a lawyer double crossing you, it is absolutely necessary to understand the traits of a professional immigration lawyer in Orlando.

Essential Traits of an Immigration Lawyer

So what traits should you be looking for when searching for an immigration lawyer? Below are the 9 essential traits that your candidate must possess.

1.) Certifications

The first important step to avoid the risk of hiring a counterfeit lawyer is to see if they possess any certifications or experience letters of their work. You can also look online or search their credentials to find out if a lawyer has good reviews or testimonials authenticating their profile.

These recommendations and references are actually endorsements that the lawyer you are going to hire is worth your money and effort. Once you have found about their credentials, you can run a cross-check by asking relevant people in the industry if your selection is a good fit.

2.) Professional Expertise

Professionalism and industry expertise on the part of a lawyer is the key trait that you should look for. At the end of the day, professional experience does count and make a difference in everything that you hired your lawyer for.

For a lawyer’s profile to be authentic, it is extremely important to find out which organizations they had served for and if those were authentic and certified. Also note that you have to thoroughly check a lawyer’s ability to adhere to professionalism.

Sometimes, experienced professionals have a rich resume, but they are missing the basic component of professionalism in their service. This is why you should always meet your lawyer in person and not hire them just by looking at their resume.

3.) Honest, Reliable

An honest lawyer will always deliver what they agreed to deliver. Honesty in work goes a long way with not just delivering as per the agreement, but also by looking for ways to benefit the client as the case progresses.

The second key trait of a lawyer is they are reliable especially in times when your case takes a critical turn and requires you to take immediate measures. In such situations, a lawyer who you can lean on can come as a huge support.

Honest immigration lawyers also go by the book and remain far away from deceiving their clients. Needless to say, such professionals only charge what can be termed as a logical fee.

Reliability of a good lawyer is also depicted in the fact such a professional is able to manage the given time appropriately. This is especially important when there is a breakthrough in the case that needs immediate attention.

4.) Attentive to Details

A good immigration lawyer will never miss out on the important details relating to your case. Instead, they take adequate amount of time to review all history of your case, identify crucial points that can help them win the case and gather all resources that they can to substantiate their arguments in the court.

Hence a keen eye for details is a mandatory trait of every professional lawyer that should be sought during the hiring process.

5.) Good Judgment

A professional immigration lawyer in Orlando will have a shrewd sense of judgment to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses related with the case. Lawyers with good judgment power are able to take decisions as per the changing scenarios. They are well aware of how and when to furnish the right arguments in front of the judge and to make them convincing enough to win the case. Hence, the key factor here is to not just be equipped with the facts and evidences, but to know exactly when they should be put forth.

6.) Communication Skills

Experienced lawyers have good communication skills which allow them to effectively convey their arguments and build their case. They will need to communicate with the litigants or witnesses and so they require good linguistic skills.

Good lawyers have a comprehensive experience of preparing and aligning their arguments before they stand in front of the judge. Apart from being good communicators, professional lawyers are also good transcribers, translators and interpreters.

7.) Always Curious to Learn More

Professional lawyers are always searching for more and more information to successfully fight the case. This thirst for knowledge is what allows them to fetch key information and they do not settle on outdated facts. Such lawyers are also fully aware of recent amendments in the law and are creative enough to employ them in a certain case at hand.

8.) Persistence

Professional lawyers will show perseverance to fight your case even when the odds are high. Many a times, critical cases have lengthy proceedings that require strenuous efforts on the part of a lawyer to carve out the right arguments.

Persistence is also required when a case gets complicated or is affected by any sudden developments during the span of the proceedings. Thus, consistency is one of the most important traits that an immigration lawyer in Orlando must possess.

9.) Accessibility

This is one of the most commonly ignored traits by clients who overlook their immigration’s lawyer ability to adhere to a set timing and schedule. This trait is basically reflective of how committed a lawyer is to the case.

Lack of accessibility often means that a lawyer has more than one case at hand. Such a lawyer remains unable to assign proper importance to each of the cases that he is dealing with. A good way to determine if a lawyer possesses this trait is by keenly looking at their track record and gaining background information about them.

Before concluding this article, it is important to look at a few things you should avoid when hiring a lawyer.

A. Avoid Illegalities

It is mandatory to avoid an immigration lawyer that comes up with an illegal offer or propose an out of the way solution of your case. Opting for any advice that is not within the ambit of the law or is unethical will only weaken your case and harm your objectives in the long run.

B.) Assess All Claims

Remember that not even the best of attorneys can provide a guarantee of success to win the case. It is best to be cautious of any unrealistic promise or a lawyer who claims to have a 100% success rate.

C.) Avoid Shortcuts

Do not take advice from a lawyer who offers shortcuts in order to win your case quickly. Such lawyers aren’t exactly experts at what they do and in most cases are only concerned about making some easy money.

D.) Study the Contract

Sometimes, there are ambiguities in the contract that can distort your case or put you on the losing side. Remember to read every important clause of your agreement to avoid falling prey to an intended or unintended legal glitch.

E.) Don’t Hire the Uninsured

Be savvy of the importance of insurance in your contract regardless of any claims that may be made in this regard. Some lawyers evade this clause because as those who are not insured cannot be sued in case of a malpractice in the case.

F.) Opt for a Local Lawyer

The issue of proximity is absolutely important when you want a case to be resolved as soon as possible. Lawyers who are distant may probably miss the date or the timings of the hearing, complicating your matters.

Hence, look for a counsel who is available to provide services in your own town and not in a far-off city or county.

G.) Filing a Complaint

As a client, you need to be aware of when you should file a formal complaint in case a malpractice or violation of agreement has taken place. Remember that every state has a disciplinary agency that can respond to your query whenever things go wrong in your case.


Finding a professional immigration lawyer in Orlando can become an achievable task by following the aforementioned tips. A professional lawyer must be reliable and have the fighting spirit to win your case on your terms. Remember, choosing the right person as your counsel is the first step towards winning your case!