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Immigration Investor Visa Kissimmee, Florida

The United States ‘fifth preference’ category of visas is also popularly known as the “EB 5 Immigrant Investor Visa.” This program was created in 1990 through the “Immigration Act of 1990”.

Basically, the immigration investor Visa Kissimmee, Florida, allows eligible investors from other countries to become permanent US residents or green card holders in the US. by investing a minimum of one million dollars in order to finance their own commercial enterprise in the United States. Apart from the monetary consideration, another criterion for eligibility for immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida, consists of the investor providing gainful employment to at least a minimum of ten American employees. Please call us at 407-910-4770, or email us at [email protected] for any immigration help you may need.

As a general rule, many migrant investors who decide to use the EB 5 visa program almost always invest in what is referred to as a “targeted employment area” (TEA). This is a rural area or even a low income locality where unemployment is very high. By doing so, it is possible to lower the total investment threshold for immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida, to an estimated $500,000.

The core purpose of the whole EB 5 program is to aid and encourage direct foreign investments and its resultant economic growth. However, the “EB 5 immigrant investor visa plan’ is not the only means of securing a permanent resident status in the US. There are several other programs that a person can opt for if they want an immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida.

  • The Role of the RC in Securing Immigration Investor Visa Kissimmee, Florida

In this case, multiple applicants may choose to invest in their individual capacity. Alternately, they also have the choice to work through a “greater investor pool” to set up regional centers (RC). These RCs are approved by the federal government to act as third-party intermediaries that would liaise them with the foreign investors looking for immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida and connect them with various business developers who are in immediate need of funding. The RCs perform these services for a commission that they take from the parties involved. 

Most of these regional centers are typically private, profit making business enterprises that have been approved by the relevant federal agency, that is the USCIS, which comes under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security. This agency has the final say in deciding who is allowed to enter the American borders.

As of now, there are almost 1,000 regional centers that have been vetted and approved by the USCIS. In fact, these centers have become so important that the overwhelming majority of EB 5 visas are now granted only through the intervention of these RCs.

  • The Various Types of Investors Who Opt for This Program

Most people looking for an immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida, come from four main countries— United Kingdom, South Korea, China and Taiwan— while the remaining 20% come from as far as India, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan and Japan. In fact, tens of thousands of people have been granted an immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida, for onward admittance to the US.

  • The Requirements and Responsibilities of an EB 5 Visa Holder 

The EB 5 immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida, provides one of the best possible methods of obtaining permanent resident status or a green card for all those foreign origin nationals who have the financial means to invest in any new commercial enterprise in the US. One of the best things about the EB 5 program is the fact that there is no need for any extraordinary achievements, exceptional educational qualifications or experience in order to get an immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida. And once this visa has been granted, the applicants, their dependent unmarried offspring under the age of 21 and their spouses will be placed on the fast track for a permanent legal residency certificate.  As long as the applicant can invest in a certain amount of funds and provide employment to 10 people (not including the applicant and his family), they are entitled to an immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida.

Once the foreign national’s application has been approved, the investor/s and their immediate family members will be given conditional permanent residency certificates that will be valid for a two year period.  When the expiry date of the residence permit approaches (that is within 90 days before the residence permit expires), it is imperative that the investor “must” give hard evidence documenting the fact that all of the terms and conditions of the visa have been fulfilled.  This means that they have to show that requisite investments have been generated and the required ten jobs have been created and maintained or will be created very soon. This last requirement is very important since the visa actively seeks to target areas that traditionally have very high unemployment rates over and above the national average.

  • Different Projects and Industries That Utilize EB 5 Visa Investments

One of the most popular avenue for investments include commercial and even residential real estate projects. This is due to the dual nature of this sector. First jobs are created through construction work and eventually passed on to the hospitality and service industries. For example, in restaurants, hotels, resorts stadiums, etc. It is primarily due to this reason that a large number of the EB 5 visa investments end up creating an influx of funds in the commercial real estate sector. Some of the more well-known construction projects that have been raised with the help of EB 5 visa funds include Hyatt Hotels, Starwood’s SLS Casino and Hotel project, the Hilton hospitality chain and the Marriott chain of hotels. 

  • Conclusion

In the light of the above, we can see that the EB 5 immigration investor visa Kissimmee, Florida, is a great way to start a new life in the US. Not only will you be able to enjoy a high level of economic stability in the country, but you will also be able to curtail unemployment. So, talk to your immigration attorney today and avail the benefits of becoming an American citizen.  Please call us at 407-910-4770, or email us at [email protected] for any immigration help you may need.