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Recently, the US has signed treaties with a few states. These treaties are negotiated through the executive branch of the United Sates i.e. the Department of the State. The treaties between the countries promote and enhance the international relations, peace, trade, human rights, immigration, business, and independence.

However, the objectives of the treaties vary depending upon the country. Due to these treaties, the individuals and companies of the countries get the opportunity to obtain visas to work in the US. Such visas are termed E-visas, i.e. electronic visas.

Electronic visas allow an individual or a company to enter, reside and word in the United States. E1 and E2 visas are two common types of visas. Both of them are available to the people of the treaty country, it is their choice to choose any one of them. E1 visas are for the treaty traders while the E2 visas are for the treaty investors.

What is an E2 Visa? | Treaty Investor Visa

If you want to understand how much does an E2 visa cost, you first need to know what an E2 visa is. The E2 visa is the treaty investor visa. It is for the individuals or companies who belong to or have the nationality of the treaty country. They can easily obtain these visas and direct and develop their business operation they have always desired for.

Furthermore, there are certain requirements that qualify an individual or company for the treaty investor visa, E2 visa. If you want to identify how much does an E2 visa cost, keep in mind that the cost is basically the substantial amount of investment required to run a business in the United States. So, a potential individual or a company needs to invest subsequent amount of capital to direct and develop a business. If they do not do so, they will not be able to operate the business in the United States.

In order to understand more about, how much an E2 visa costs, remember that E1 and E2 visas are based on different treaties. On the basis of your treaty country, the USCIS grants you with the specific visas. Countries that qualify for the E2 visa, sign the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) for the E2 status. We have explained more about the qualification for E2 visa and countries in the sections below.

Perks of E2 Visa That You Can Enjoy

People who are concerned about, ‘how much does an E2 visa cost?’ should remember that they can form a business entity by obtaining the E2 visa. Also, they can get it renewed on its expiry. However, they need to invest in a subsequent amount of capital into the business they would develop or direct for the profit and revenue streams.

The business must be able to lend as a helping hand for the economy as we as generate good employment opportunities. Before we move on to the qualifying countries, let’s have a look at a few perks of the E2 visa that all individuals or companies can enjoy.

·      Perk # 1: Establishing Business

There are more than 75 countries with which the United States has signed treaties. Since these countries are qualifying countries as a result, the individuals or companies of these countries can direct and develop a business in the United States.

·      Perk # 2: Minimum or Standard Requirement

Those who want t identify the answer to the question, ‘how much does an E2 visa cots?’ should keep in mind that there is no minimum requirement or a standard for the investment or capital. However the investment should be subsequent enough in order to operate, develop and direct a business entity.

·      Perk # 3: Dependent E2 Visa

Investors may have spouse or children. The USCIS grants the investors the opportunity and permits the spouse and children to get an E2 dependent visa. The spouse can get the work authorization on the basis of E2 dependent visa. On the other hand, the children can continue their education and attend school of their choice within the United States. However, they do not qualify for the work visa. Also, their visa will expire as soon as they reach at the age of 21 and should depart the United States.

·      Perk # 4: Residing or Living

On obtaining the E2 visa, the holders or investors have the choice. They can either reside in the United States or they can operate their business by not living in the United States. But it should not affect the business revenues.

How Do You Qualify For E2 Visa?

There are many people who try to know, how much does an E2 visa cost, but they forget the requirements and qualifying factors for the E2 visa. So let’s have a look to those factors that makes one eligible for the E2 visa.

·      Factor # 1: You Should Either Be a Corporate Entity, Partnership, or a Person

If you want to identify the core of the query, how much does an E2 visa cost, one has to form a partnership, corporate entity or should be an individual person. Either you are an individual, corporate entity or a business partner; you should have a citizenship or the nationality of the treaty country. Also, half of the business i.e. 50% should be owned by them.

·      Factor # 2: It Will Be Considered an Operating Enterprise If It Directs and Develops

The USCIS does not permit investors to invest in uncommitted bank accounts, speculation idle investments or any other ownership of undeveloped investments. However, the investments should be done in a real and operating enterprise. Also, the USCIS has defined an operating business entity with two specific factors, i.e. ‘develop’ and ‘direct’. A firm having either or both of these factors is considered to be eligible for the investors.

·      Factor # 3: Irrevocable Funds Should Be Invested

If you are wondering ‘how much does an E2 visa cost?’ you must remember that the investors should invest irrevocable funds in the business entity. Also, the business investments should be substantial and subsequent. These funds actually ensures about the successful operation of the business enterprise.

·      Factor # 4: Avoid Investing Marginal Investments

If you are wondering about how much an E2 visa costs, you must make sure not to invest marginal investments. Also, if you want to know more about the costs and investment, you must consult the 9 FAM 41.51.

It shows the financial return as well as it determines the support of the living investor and other related details with respect to investments. You must keep investing in the business enterprise for its smooth operations, generate employment and make it successful. Jobs and smooth operations of your business indicate that your business does not involve any marginal investments.

·      Factor # 5: Investor Has the Control

The investor has full control over the funds. However, with this control, the investments are at risk from a commercial point of view. Moreover, if the funds are not as per the total or partial loss, the investments by the investor will not be considered as the investments from the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) 10 1 (a) (15) (E) and Foreign Affairs Manuals (FAM) 41.51.

·      Factor # 6: The Investor Must Leave the United States on Expiry of E2 Status

Those who want to know how much does an E2 visa cost, you must first understand about the deportation. Being an investor, you cannot reside in the United States for the entire life. The E2 status has a limited time period and it is not for the whole life. It is usually for two to five years and the investor must leave the United States once the E2 visa is expired.

However, if the investors do reside and think that they and hide from the USCIS or the police officers, they are mistaken, the government can catch them and charge heavy penalties which can even make them bankrupt. Consequently, investors must ensure to leave the US on E2 visa’s expiry.

·      Factor # 7: Investor Must Have an Executive Position or a Supervisory Authority

Most of the people who are wondering about, how much does an E2 visa costs, may also want to know that the principal investor should be employed either on an executive position or a supervisory authority. This is because the unskilled or ordinary workers do not qualify. Investors must have this position because some amount of experience is very essential to direct and develop the business enterprise in the United States.



Are You Wondering ‘How Much Does an E2 Visa Cost?’ First Check If Your Country Qualifies

So now you may have an idea to your query, ‘how much does an E2 visa cost’. If you want to understand more about, ‘how much does an E2 visa cots?’ you need to read the sections below. But before you move on to them, you must first see if your country is qualified for the E2 status. Qualification or eligibility of a country depends upon the signed treaties for the E2 status. The persons, corporate firms or partners belonging to the following countries can apply for the E2 visa.

  1. Armenia
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Argentina
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Belarus
  7. Belgium
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Bosnia Herzegovina
  10. Congo
  11. Republic of China
  12. Canada
  13. Colombia
  14. Costa Rica
  15. Cameroon
  16. The Czech Republic
  17. Estonia
  18. Ethiopia
  19. Ecuador
  20. Egypt
  21. Finland
  22. Germany
  23. France
  24. Georgia
  25. Iran
  26. Grenada
  27. Ireland
  28. Honduras
  29. Iran
  30. Italy
  31. Korea
  32. Japan
  33. Jamaica
  34. Latvia
  35. Kazakhstan
  36. Kyrgyzstan
  37. Liberia
  38. Latvia
  39. Luxembourg
  40. Moldavia
  41. Mongolia
  42. Morocco
  43. Mexico
  44. Netherlands
  45. Norway
  46. Pakistan
  47. Oman
  48. Panama
  49. Romania
  50. Philippines
  51. Senegal
  52. The Slovak Republic
  53. Sri Lanka
  54. Sweden
  55. Switzerland
  56. Suriname
  57. Spain
  58. Togo
  59. Tunisia
  60. Thailand
  61. Turkey
  62. Trinidad and Tobago
  63. The United Kingdom
  64. Uzbekistan
  65. The Ukraine
  66. Yugoslavia

The names of the countries listed above can be helpful for the ones who are wondering, how much does an E2 visa costs? Along with the specified countries, there are some more pending treaties that have to be signed by the USCIS. Some of the pending treaties include Nicaragua, Russia, Jordan, Haiti, Albania, Azerbaijan and a few more countries. If you are concerned about, how much does an E2 visa costs, you should check whether your country qualifies for the E2 status or not. If you are confused about it, one of the best ways to find about your country’s eligibility is check the Volume 9 of the United States, Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), $41.51, Exh. 1.

The people belonging to the mentioned countries can apply for the E2 visa to develop and direct their investments. Also, they can apply for the special employee and key managerial positions. . They can either work for one or three years and it is not necessary to continue their operations outside the United States.

How Much Does an E2 Visa Cost?

If you want to learn the core of the query, how much does an E2 visa cost, you need to read this section very carefully. The ones who are trying to identify how much does an E2 visa cost, should keep in mind that the cost of the E2 visa is basically the investment that a qualifying investor puts in the business. If you are wondering about how much does an E2 visa cost, you may also want to know about what type of investment should you invest in the entities.

The investments that you put in the business should only be of the financial transactions. These funds are basically for the operations and setting up of the company. But you must keep in mind that the funds that you invest in the business must be from a legitimate source and they should be irrevocably committed. If the funds do not fulfill the two basic conditions, the USCIS will not let you form an entity in the United States even if you have the E2 visa.

Those who wonder how much does an E2 visa costs, should know that investing in the United States is one of the major requirements for the people who wish to form a business with the help of E2 visa. But it does not mean that they can establish it with the money of their choice. Though, there is no specific or minimum limit to form the business entities but if you invest fewer amount, you will need to face more scrutiny.

Moreover, if you want to learn more about how much does an E2 visa costs, remember that investors have been granted with an E2 visa for $25,000 investments also but they had also faced issues. Generally, experts and veteran business owners believe that the investments ranging from $50,000 to $65,000 are considered ideal. If the investments are more than this amount, then it is great.

Business is All About Risks

The ones, who question, how much does an E2 visa cost, may worry about their investments and hard earned money. But they must also keep in mind that the business is all about risks and if there is no risk, there is no gain. Unless you put your money, you will not gain or generate good revenue streams. So if you want are worried about the investments cots, remember that you have to invest subsequent amount in the US to obtain the E2 status.

If you are wondering about how much does an E2 visa costs, we will help you in understanding the investment phenomenon with the help of the different business models. Let’s have a look at them below.

·      Investments in an Existing Business

If you want to invest in an existing business and worry about how much does an E2 visa costs, you must remember to invest the amount equivalent to the business’ purchase price, but you need to finance first in this case. As mentioned previously that the investments do not have specific requirements, however a rough guideline is given by the Consular officers. They believe that financing should be more that 25% to 30% of the total purchase price for an investment from $100,000 to $500,000. This amount is the financing secured of the business while the additional borrowing are unsecured.

If you are still confused and ask how much does an E2 visa costs, you should remember a simple rule, the greater the purchase price of the business, the greater should be the percentage of the financing permitted. If you want to invest in a motel in the US, costing $1 million, you should at least pay 50% for the financing.

·      Investments in a New Business

A new business requires investments similarly a forming a new business in the United States also requires a good amount of capital. So if you ask how much does an E2 visa costs, remember that the amount of capital is necessary to establish the new business and make it operational. As mentioned previously, there is no minimum requirement as well as the costs vary for establishing a new business.

For example, if an investor wants to establish a restaurant in the United States by obtaining the E2 visa, the investor should lease the business premises and buy the equipment before filing out the visa application. Let’s assume, an investors want to start a pool service business, they would require leasing the premises, equipment and a vehicle and involve funds in the business account for the working capital.

Still if you are confused and question how much does an E2 visa costs, you must remember the simple rule for this business investments, the necessary expenditures must be made before the submission of the visa application. Now the cost of the investments would vary as the cost is completely dependent upon the price of the equipments and related things.

How Much Investment is the Substantial Investment?

Those who want to know how much does an e2 visa costs actually want to know how much is the substantial investment for starting a new business or investing in a running business. So let’s us understand the phenomenon of the subsequent investments.

The nature of the subsequent payments depends on multiple factors. When an investments is subsequent, it basically depends on how much it is required or running and operation of a business. This is usually because the subsequent amount depends upon the specifics of the business. But the foreign veteran business owners believe that the people should at least invest $50,000 in the business.

Furthermore, if the business has a lot of overhead and operational costs, then the ones who are asking how much does an E2 visa costs, would require investing higher amount. On the contrary, if the business is involved in lower operational costs, they would have to invest less. The USCIS tests the investment amount on the Substantiality test. As per the substantiality test, your investment amount should be equally proportional to the total value of the particular business you want to invest in.

Now that you know, how much does an E2 visa costs, you must start gathering funds to start a business in the United States. Also, do not forget to take advice from your local lawyer in this regard. Good Luck!

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